Here are some more ideas for unique engagement ring. Most of the rings featured here are actually fashion rings but you can take inspiration from them. Just remember that these ideas are not necessarily for everyone. These rings will fit those who like going out of the box even when it comes to their engagement rings.

Read on and be inspired.

Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

Embraced Gem

An embraced engagement ring features wires or vines that envelopes the gem. As the term implieEmbraced Engagement Rings, the gem is “embraced” by a metal or metals. A princess cut diamond engagement ring is classy but embraced rings give you an opportunity to give her the gem that is expected of an engagement ring and still be able to create intricate patterns for a more creative engagement ring. Here are some ways on how to do an embraced engagement ring:

1)      One or to vines embracing the gem.

2)      Create vines that will embrace only the lover half of the gem

3)      Surround the gem with lots of vines

4)      Surround a big gem with clean vertical vines and then put a smaller gem on the center, on top of the big gem. You should have two gems, one top of the other with the lower gem embraced with vines

Garden Theme

It’s like you are recreating a garden. This would assume, of course, that the girl likes colors and atteunique engagement ring(114889)ntion grabbing engagement rings. Here are some ideas on how to execute a garden themed engagement ring:

1)      Create one big flower in the center and surround it with leaves. The leaves may have gems on them or it may be made of metal

2)      Create several flowers (see photo) and have one big flower in the middle

3)      Have one big flower in the middle with the middle part having the biggest gem and the petals made of smaller gems

4)      Have the whole wring be made of vines, flowers and leaves. You scatter the use of metal and gems

Sky Theme

If you or one of you are into stars and the sun, you may use heavenly bodies like the sun and the star. Hunique engagement ringere are some ideas and considerations:

1)      If you want to recreate the sun, you will have to use other gems to approximate the color. I wrote an article on gems rarer than diamonds and one of the gems I mentioned is Alexandrite. It has the rare ability to change its colors. This will be a good stone to use for a sun ring

2)      You may also use a star. You may use colored gems as the star or have the diamond cut like a star. This will be more expensive thought. A huge part of the cost goes to the cutting of the stone

3)      Use a black metal and have a north star-shaped stone in the middle. Shaping the gem like a North start might be a little too difficult. You may use a metal to outline the shape of the star and fill the empty part with gems. Put the big gem in the middle

Ocean Theme

If you ever had a chance to go snorkelling or diving, you may have already seen how beauunique engagement ring(114885)tiful the corals look like. You can recreate this in a ring. Some ways to do it are:

1)      Like the photo shown, use a dark metal and scatter different gems with different colours and texture on the ring

2)      You can actually have the metal shaped like a coral and scatter diamonds and other coloured gems on it. You may also shape the coral part in such a way that will allow you to put a big gem in the middle. Just take note that authentic ivory is extremely rare and extremely expensive. You may use the ivory as the main gem of your engagement ring

3)      You may also use shapes depicting your favourite water creatures like dolphins, starfish, fish, and others water elements

Vine Metal

Theunique engagement ring(114893) metal itself is underutilized. You can create intricate vine-like patterns to make the ring interesting. Some couple really favour a simple metal because they want the focus to go to the gem. If, however, you want something more intricate, here are some ways to do it:

1)      Have three or more intersecting or looped metals

2)      Put a design on the metal like leaves and flowers

3)      Have an eternity ring (put one diamond after the other) all over the ring

4)      Make the whole metal look like a vine with irregular shapes and thickness

Goth Engagement Ring

There are many ways for Goths to follow tradition while keeping the Goth essence:

1)      unique engagement ring(114891)The skull ring featured has diamonds embedded in it. It also used a pearl

2)      Use dark colored metals

3)      Use dark colored gems like ruby and black diamonds

4)      Have intricate patterns around the diamond. You may also surround the diamond with gems with darker colors

5)      Make the band thick

6)      Embrace the diamond with metals shaped like claws

7)      Your favourite cross shape filled with gems

8)      Black flower

Names or Words

You unique engagement ring(114895)may want to entertain the thought of spelling each other’s name and using that as the metal. Take note, it is not just engraving the name but actually shaping the band to spell the name. You may also fill the name with gems on top. Some more words you can form:

1)      Your pet name

2)      Anniversary dates

3)      Your name put together

4)      Use Japanese or Chinese characters

5)     A phrase that will serve as your promise to each other. Here are some ideas for that

Multiple Elements and Shapes

unique engagement ring(114896)Play with the concept of three:

1)      Three shapes. The image shows the use of a butterfly, a flower and dangling pearl

2)      You may use three gems with odd shapes and odd colors. Check this post for unique gems you can use

3)      Three bands with three different patterns and three different stones held together by vines made of a fourth metal

Unique Gems or Stones

unique engagement ring(114886)You may also use stones or gems that are not diamonds. You can check this post on some of the most interesting gems around that are not as expensive as diamonds but just as rare. 

You may also use rough diamonds. Create an interesting pattern for that and you have a more affordable diamond with the same quality. 

There are many other design options you can check out. I suggest you check out fashion rings as well. Fashion rings are cheap rings made of cheap metals meant for everyday wear. Those rings come up with the most interesting patterns.

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