Are you building a new home or remodeling your present master bathroom?

Including a beautiful well-appointed walk-in shower can be a luxurious addition to your master bathroom.

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Guaranteed a walk-in shower will add value to your home dollar for dollar. There are a variety of types of showers to choose from.  Styles and types can start with a prefabricated glass enclosure; porcelain tile or you can opt for high-end marble.  When you begin designing your walk-in shower you will want to take plenty of time and consider the many factors that will make it the shower of your dreams.

Do the research!  Look at as many master shower designs as possible before making any decisions.  There are a variety of ways to do this without just knocking on doors and asking if you can look at someone’s bathroom!  Spend time taking formal tours of homes to get an idea of what you would like to implement in your shower. Watch for local parade of homes or home tours.  There is usually a small fee for attending but it generally goes to a good cause.  Try to find ones that are held in areas that have the same type of home you are planning.  Attending a home show in century old homes might not give you the ideas you are looking for!  Check your newspaper or with local real estate websites for open house events.  Stop and go through new model homes in new housing developments. This is going to be a large investment in your home and you want to make sure you are including all of the design elements you want. 

As you are planning your bathroom you will want to determine the size of space you can allot to your shower.  Having a nice roomy space is the best part of having a walk-in shower. Make sure you provide plenty of elbowroom, as you are moving about while showering.  You certainly don’t want to feel cramped while in there.  This is also a consideration for people who have a problem with claustrophobia.  Many master bathroom showers are designed to have ample room for two people. You might want to plan extra space for a sit-down bench.  This is especially nice for older people or for individuals with a disability. The dimensions you have allowed for the bathroom will also determine how much space you can use for the shower.  Some would rather have a larger shower space and cut down on another space such as the closet.

What type of shower do you want to have?  Do you want tile, glass, cultured stone, or marble? Decor style, price and cleaning ease need to be taken into consideration and will help you decide on what foundation material you want to use when designing your bathroom as your shower will generally carry on with what you are using in the rest of the room.

WhGlass Shower Door(43362)Credit: kitchenandbathdesigns.netat type of opening do you want to have going into the shower.  Will you want a glass shower door, a plastic curtain or open doorway? Do you want your shower more enclosed or wide open? These choices are all personal preferences and the space you have available might determine what you are actually able to do.  When designing your shower, make sure that you can easily access the shower handle from the outside to turn it off and on without getting wet!

An imporShower FixturesCredit: hookedonhouses.nettant consideration will be your hardware and fixture options. How many showerheads do you want and what type? Many options are available including rain, dual, hand held, steam, etc. You can invest a lot of money in the plumbing of your shower and your hardware options.  Many homeowners are choosing multiple types of showerheads by combining one or more large heads with a hand held and some are even adding steam or rain plates. You will also need to choose the type and color of metal for your fixtures.   There is a large variety that is available to you such as gold, gold plated, nickel, brushed nickel, bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, pewter, and many more.  You should choose colors and styles that complement the decor of your bathroom and match what you have chosen for the rest of your bathroom fixtures.  There are many different hardware manufacturers and it is best to choose just one for all of your plumbing fixtures to insure that everything will work together and function properly.

There are a large variety of accessories and other elements that can be included in your design. Make sure you add elements that will make your shower convenient and luxurious.  What type of shelving do you require?  Chose from built in shelves and shower caddies.  Make sure you include ample space for all of your body and hair care needs. 

Other elements that need careful consideration are lighting, ventilation and drainage.  You will want to have ample light to make it easy to see and good ventilation, not only in the shower but also in the bathroom.  Another nice optional element to include is a sound system for music and radio.  There are many built in systems available on the market with a wide range in price.  To some, having a good sound system is extremely important and to others it is just a useful element to hear the local news in the morning.  For ultimate luxury, include a television!  You can do your part for the environment and choose green options for water savings.

Once you have given a lot of careful thought to your design elements, you will need to make a list of your wants, needs and what your budget will allow. Start researching each item and get bids from the different suppliers to get the best deal for your money. If you are contracting this project out, find a builder that will contribute his expert advice and implement your ideas so that you get the walk-in shower you desire.  Hire reputable professionals for all installations from the shower pan to the lighting.  It is worth it to spend a little extra on these professionals as a walk-in shower that is installed incorrectly can do a lot of damage to your home.