Flyer design

The idea of making a flyer is to promote some information. You can design your own powerful business flyer or event flyer. Whether you are telling someone about your business, a party, a car for sale or a lost pet, you want to attract attention and get your point across.

When designing any poster or flyer you will want to use colors and designs that attract attention. If you are selling a business that works with landscaping, for example, using the color green or images of plants would help show what your business is about before stating a word. Bright colors might attract the attention of a party, and heavy blacks and grays or abstract graphics might convey an electronic concert. You can add outlines or even decorative borders to your poster or flyer to attract the eye.

A good, powerful flyer or poster will tell you what it's about at first glance. Once you have someone's attention, the headline should be the next focus that gives more specific information. Keep it SIMPLE!

Being clear with your headline is more important than being clever. A flyer should be able to quickly let the readers know what you want communicated. The announcement should be your primary focus. The contact telephone number, address, website, etc. should be the next biggest draw. Other detailed information can be inserted decoratively elsewhere.

The purpose of distributing a flyer or tacking up a poster is to catch the attention of the reader. Your name or that of your company is less important. In good advertising you will want to remember the reader will be attracted to "what's in it for me?". With a poster or flyer, first grab the attention of your audience then let them know what, how and where to follow up. IF you succeed and want to communicate more, this can be done in smaller type with less color or graphic design. If they are interested they will read on, your business flyer or event flyer having accomplished its mission!