Designer beach towels are great for both making a statement and enjoying luxurious high quality while you relax.

So what's the scoop on designer beach towels then? What makes them so different?


There's no doubt that you get what you pay for. A good one may cost close to $300 but the threads are usually plied (several yarns twisted together) which makes for a much more luxurious feel to the towel. Sometimes, you can even get twistless yarns which are even better.

Ultimately, you can tell straight away the difference between a cheap and a good towel. Designer beach towels tend to weigh around 800 grams per square meter (almost two pounds) whereas most others come nowhere near this, not even half way.

Also, with a good towel, the colors won't bleed away after a few washes or when they come into contact with chlorinated or salty water. That's because these designer versions usually use an expensive reactive dye.


Gucci's towels are very different design-wise compared to their traditional bag range. Vivid and simple, two-tone stripe and flower print designs are eye-catching but delivered with only a tiny and subtle brand logo. One of their more outstanding items is the leopard print with green trim, Balkis beach towel. Goes great with a black bikini...


This range is made from terry cloth, a specially woven fabric that can absorb large amounts of water. Hermes' designs are vivid and full of color. They will definitely grab attention and look almost "cartoony" in style. One of my personal favorites. Look out for the Hippo towel!

Louis Vuitton

Most people looking here will be wanting one of the timeless patterned designs that show off the name and the logo such as the monogrammed classic. But Louis Vuitton also have a few other designs including a special featuring their early 20th century trunk and bags "stamped-look" logo. Some of their towels are Jacquard weaved to allow for more complicated pattern designs.

Ralph Lauren

This range of designer beach towels is so vividly colored that you could be forgiven for at first thinking that they are expensive carpets! Some are even more vivid than average whereas others are simply classic Ralph Lauren e.g. a sky blue with silhouetted polo player logo. Classic RL.


Versace takes the luxurious beach towel to another level with some of their range such as the Pink Borocco fetching around $1,500. The range generally features vivid, summer colors such as sky blues and vivid oranges and yellows. Most of them feature the classic Versace angled outline.