What's more fun than making your own designer Christmas decorations? This is not a hard projects to do and can even be done with the kids. You could even do it as a family project or a get together with all your best girlfriends.


Designer Christmas Balls

 Buy all kinds of plain Christmas balls. You don't have to buy them in the craft store. You can buy them anywhere. You can buy lots of these at the dollar store.  You will need glue that will hold gemstones and trim, so make sure you purchase this type of glue.  Hot glue will not work for this project. You can also use old holiday balls in this project. You can buy used  ones at yardsales for this project and recycle.

 Plain red, green or blue balls can be transformed into fancy decorations. One of the easiest projects is gluing Rhinestones of all shapes and sizes on the balls. You can get rhinestones in all shapes. Everyone has lots of extra holiday balls stored in their attics and sometimes you may even throw them away. Why not recycle them decorations.

Try highlighting around the stones with dimensional paint. You will have to let each stone dry completely before moving on to the next area. Do several at a time to keep things moving. 

Make one with names. Paint each family member or friends name on a plain ball. This can be done with regular craft paint or dimensional paint. It's always nice to have a personalized decoration.

You can also make a face on the decoration like a snowman or write in permanent ink "Merry Christmas", or "Happy Holiday".

Designer Christmas Decorations

If you want to jazz up old Christmas balls that have lost their color, you can spray them the desired color first. Let them dry and then you can glue dried pressed flowers from your garden on them. These would have to be completely dry so this may be a project for next year if you don't already have pressed flowers.

Clear glass balls are very unique to use as Christmas decorations. You can glue small clear diamond shaped rhinestones on them. These will catch the light and reflect lots of light. After you have glued all the diamond shapes you want on the Christmas ball and spaced them evenly, you can use dimensional paint to put small dots of red, green or gold color evenly spaced with the rhinestone on the ball. Tie a beautiful silver or gold ribbon at the top of the Christmas ball to finish it off.

You will have lots of unique designer Christmas decorations that you can give as gifts or keep as your own heirloom of decorations.