Stores like Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue have the high end denim fashions for every style and taste. Denim is a fabric that just about everyone has in their closet. No matter what the occasion or what the season, you can always find a way to incorporate denim into your ensemble. Denim is now an accepted fabric at many social events. There are some must-haves when it comes to denim, and you'll want to make sure you have the following items in your wardrobe for everyday wear and special occasions.

1. Citizens of Humanity

Citizens of Humanity has gone above and beyond to make sure that denim is available for everyone. You will find that really cool skinny jeans are represented in a wide array of styles at Citizens Humanity. The skinny jeans are not only available in the low rise, but the new and very fashionable high rise versions. Citizens of Humanity doesn't stop there; if you're expecting a baby, you don't have to go without the denim fashions you love. Citizens of Humanity have their designer denim jeans in maternity versions as well. You'll find skinny, boot leg and even some of their denim shorts in maternity styles. Of course Citizens has the ever popular legging denim jeans, and these too are available for expectant mothers.

2. Adriano Goldschmied

Adriano Goldschmied has come out with some fantastic denim styles that many are rushing the stores to purchase. Their side zipped legging jeans are really taking the season by storm. The skinny jean seems to be here to stay, and Adriano Goldschmied is on the bandwagon. They also have what's called the Stilt Cigarette Jeans, which have added to the collection of must-have skinny jeans. The boot leg jeans are not going anywhere and flatter most figures. Adriano Goldschmied is right on point with their Angel Bootcut denim jeans and the Ballad Slim Bootcut jeans. You will of course find an array of rises, inseams, colors and washes in the Adriano collection.

3. Cargo in Denim

Cargo pants have made a come back, and they are rockin' the denim fabric to rave reviews. Everyone is shopping for the new look that combines two favorite fabric styles and fabrics. The cargo denim pants come in a skinny style, a boot leg style and even a capri style. These jeans of course have the side pockets that combine function with style and comfort for a style of pant that will be worn weekly by most women. You can go wrong with denim and when you combine the function of the cargo design, you've got a winner.