Your dog can be stylish too!

Designer Dog Collars are very popularCredit: anji barton via flickr


As a responsible and loving pet owner, we simply want the best for our pets. Dogs need shelter, food, love, care, and a lot of other things just like any other human does. Whether it is food or accessories, we want to make sure they are getting the most of what we can afford. One of the essential things our pet needs are dog collars. There are a ton available but there is also alot of designer dog collars available that are not only comfortable and durable but stylish too.



Another reason why dog collars are necessary is because it helps to identify that they belong to an owner by having attached an identification tag with the dog's name and the owners phone number. This is important so if your pet whether dog or cat escapes your yard then someone may stumble upon them and give you a call to give you a location where they found them for pick up.

Here are a few tips when buying collars for our beloved pets:

  • Must not easily tear or rust

  • Must not have parts that can fall apart and be a choking hazard.

  • Must be made from high-quality material.

  • Strong and comfortable, yet still stylish.

  • Research what types are best suited according to your canine friend’s breed.

It is a no-brainer that we must only buy those that are made from high quality materials so that we can ensure that it won’t easily tear apart or get rusty. You wouldn’t want your puppy to choke on a small piece that fell from their neck accessory, so it’s best to only buy those that are made from top notch materials.

You also need to figure out the kind that you’ll need for your pet because different breeds require different collars. A Pomeranian will require a smaller and lighter collar than the Great Dane. Puppies will also need a different type of collar than their grown-up counterparts. The type of collars made from fabric are the best for pups since they are light and easily washable. Lastly, you have to determine what kind will suit an active canine. Does your pet like to play around and run? If so, then it’s best to buy the hard leather collars because of their strength and durability.

These are just a few of what you have to keep in mind when choosing a specific collar for your cute little mongrel. It may require you some time to research, but you only want what’s best for your pooch, right? It is the no different when you are buying a dress or pants. You want it to best suit you, and showcase your personality, just like a designer dog collar to our loving pets.

Thick Leather Collars on a Strong DogCredit: Brian Smithson via Flickr


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