Designer engagement rings are a very classy way to ask your beloved one to marry you. She will be truly impressed by the beauty of the ring. Designer engagement rings come with a lot of advantages. Even if they are more expensive then no-name rings, their value rise in time. Also, they came with innovative designs, attention to details, good-quality stones and many styles for you to choose from. Either you want a very modern, futuristic ring or something classic and delicate, designer engagement rings are definitely an option. The particularities of those rings come from the fact that they are generally handcrafted by talented jewelers and benefit from original, creative design. The price tags associated with such rings are pretty impressive – they certainly don’t come cheap. But it’s a price that’s really worth paying, because your fiancée and then your wife will wear the ring every day, for the rest of her life. An exquisite one is your very special way to show her just how much you love her.

 Designer Engagement Rings – Creativity And Innovation

Luxurious engagement rings are the perfect accessories for elegant, sophisticated ladies. If you are a classic lady, then you probably prefer famous, reputable brands like Cartier or Chopard. But if you love creative and innovative things, then you should probably consider revolutionary new designers, such as Harry Winston, Buccellati or Bvulgari. If you are unsure about which designer to pick for your ring, do a little online search. Look at the creation of different designers, to see the style that fits you best. And remember, it’s not the name behind the jewelry that’s important, but whether you like the ring or not. If you find a ring that you really love, just buy it. Famous jewelry designers weren’t famous right from the start. So, buying designer engagement rings from designers that are not yet well known might be a great decision on the long term. It’s like investing in art: you buy a painting that you love, and one day the painter becomes famous. If you buy a beautiful, unconventional ring from a jewelry designer that’s not famous, it might just be a great long-term investment.

 How To Find Affordable Designer Engagement Rings  

Designer engagement rings are probably every woman’s dream. The only problem – they are much more expensive then normal, no-name rings. If you have to stick to a budget and you still want to offer her an exquisite ring, then you need to find special offers and discounts on online jewelry stores. However, you need to be careful with the offers that simply sound too good to be true. If an online jewelry store sells designer engagement rings for only a fraction of the average price, probably the products are nothing but cheap replicas of the original thing. This is why, when buying jewelry online, you need to ask the seller for a certificate for the diamond, but also for some sort of an authenticity certificate, to prove that the piece of jewelry is made by a certain designer. A good place to find cheaper designer engagement rings are pawnshops, but you should take the rings to a specialist to be evaluated, before actually purchasing it.

 Unconventional choices for your engagement ring

The trademark of designer engagement rings is creativity. You have the possibility to choose between thousands of models and styles. Jewelry designers are creative and use a lot of unconventional elements for their rings. For example, you can find items made of rare metals, like titanium and tungsten, or combination that you don’t expect, like platinum and stainless steel. Also, such rings bring you beautiful stones – actually, buying designer jewelry is the best warranty that you get a good quality diamond, with a nice cut. Designer engagement rings are expensive items. Even if you want to make a great surprise to your fiancée, don’t buy one unless you are very sure it’s the one she wants. You have to options: simply ask her to come shopping with you for the ring or pay attention to the clues, to find out what she dreams about. Before getting the ring, you need to know the size of your fiancée’s finger.  If you want to keep the engagement ring as a surprise to her, then just take one of her other rings with you, to the jeweler.