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When times are hard, we all look for ways to save money. Even though we probably don't need another handbag, some of us can't help ourselves. Here are some ways in which you can purchase designer handbags at a huge discount!

Check out your nearest Goodwill center. Believe it or not people actually donate designer handbags at Goodwill. You can certainly find many handbags at Goodwill. Don't expect to pay the usual Goodwill prices though. They are much cheaper but be sure to look them over good.

Yard sales have changed so much! It used to be that people just got rid of their junk, but yard sales have become a place to purchase really nice items. It is not unusual to see women sell their entire line of designer handbags! The prices can be fabulous with prices being slashed to about a quarter of what you would pay at the department stores. Head out to the yard sales if you really want bargains on handbags! There are also church sales and don't forget school rummage sales. They are the place that some of the best handbags can be found. You have to be really careful about authenticity at these places. Some people will be honest with you if you ask them, but it's better to do your research online about spotting a genuine vs. a knock-off.

Don't forget the clearance and sale items in your local stores. Looking for sales on designer handbags can be done on a regular basis. If you make it your routine to check for clearance and sale items, you will eventually find what you're looking for at the right price. After the holiday is a good time to look and when new stock is coming in for a new season. Even in major department stores you can find huge bargains if you make a habit of checking between seasons.

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Let's not forget E-bay! E-bay is a huge resource for most any kind of merchandise. Be careful and make sure the seller has proof of authenticity! There are a lot knock offs there and even though the knock offs are even cheaper, you want to know what you have before you purchase.

Did you ever think of renting your handbag? There are some companies which will allow you to rent very expensive designer handbags. This is probably great for occasions like High School reunions or wedding. One name that come to mind is  Avelle ( Bag Borrow or Steal). This might be a great way to rent that handbag you would never buy for yourself. 

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