The Built Lunch Bag - As more and more of us try to reduce our carbon foot print in this world, we look at all parts of our life to see what we can change. But who says these changes can't be fashionable? The less we throw away the better. We can use, reusable containers for our food and sandwiches, but up until now, the insulated lunch bag has been bulky and ugly.

As adults, we would resort to the ones the kids use for school, but these don't fit well into brief cases or work bags, as many are plastic formed and don't lay flat, when done.

Brown bagging your meals, conjures up visions of smelly old sandwiches crushed in the bottom of your purse, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are shelves and shelves of bags and totes for lunch in the stores now, especially around back to school time, many with the square style walls in them, but if you are a professional, and don't like the idea of themed bags, or bulky box style bags, then you should check out this line of Designer Built ones. Built NY Gourmet Getaway Neoprene Lunch Tote, French Bull Shadow Flower 1 ea (pictured)

These are designer totes for lunch at their best. They are trendy, and arebuilt lunch bag so lightweight, you don't even know you have it. Once it is finished you can fold it up and put it in your brief case, purse or car to take home. They are totally stain resistant and you just throw them in the washing machine when they get a bit grubby, and hang to dry, ready to use for another day.

 The material used to make one of these is called Neoprene, which is what the wet suits are made from, which will insulate for up to 4 hours. There is no vinyl or PVC involved at all in making this reusable bag, so it is non toxic.

So, if you have not been taking your lunch to work, or when you are out and about, because it was inconvenient, or maybe you were throwing your snacks and sandwich into your purse or brief case only to have it smashed by lunch time, then take a look at this line of designer sandwich bags by Built. If you are going to bring your lunch to work, it might as well be a cheery and fashionable bag, and look good.

The colors and prints are amazing, they have a zipper closing, will stretch for the hungry man meal, and can be used as your main bag. Some people love these so much they use them as their purse while they are out and about shopping, and bring snacks. It is a great fashionable way to bring your drinks and snacks while on the go, or out shopping, or going to work.

If you are concerned about what you eat, and like to make your own food, but never liked the bulky ways you had to carry it, then these are something you may want to try.

This line of Built bags, have designer patterns, and there are different styles to suit you. They are affordable, reusable, washable, and you are going to want the different patterns and styles for your food on the go. Before you know it, your kids are going to want them too!.

But the best part for me, is not trying to wipe spills out of those older style boxes or bags, when it gets into the seams. You could never throw the older style into the washing machine without tearing, you basically had to wash it out by hand which was a pain.

So, treat yourself to a designer insulated lunch bag, a Built lunch bag, and look fashionable and yet be green to the earth.

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BUILT Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote
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This one is really chic and trendy!