Kids bedding has really become a lot more designer, lately. This is really increasing in price but it's also really branching out from the basic comforter set. We are seeing a lot of quality materials used in very interesting patterns. This can be a little bit expensive. You can just dress up the basic solid colored comforter set or just use a lot of these color inspiration on your walls if you're decorating on a budget.

One thing that we are seeing a lot of are fun quilts. This is even something that's been occurring more in nurseries. It uses a lot of patchwork designs and focuses in on patterns. We are really seeing the exact same patterns in ideas for adult bedding but it's in a twin size. This is a chance to really get a lot of fun color such as orange, and turquoise but in a way that's very easy to live with. Usually quilts seem very country but because this is so vibrant it is almost applicable to any design style that you really want to go in with any kid's rooms because it's going to match almost everything else.

When you choose designer kids bedding you're really going to see a very sophisticated kind of touch. However, you still need to make sure that it's practical and machine washable instead of dryclean. Right now in adult bedding design we are seeing a lot of tufting and pleating. This uses a solid color fabric to really create a very ornate look. It sometimes even has a ruffled effect to it which makes it perfect for kids bedding for girls. This is one of the few solid colored pieces that is going to look expensive instead of looking cheap. Oftentimes when kids have solid colors of comforters, especially when they reach the teenage years this can be predictable even though it's at one of the lowest price points. Sometimes it really brings down the entire room. You can still use solid colors of bedding but in more interesting kinds of ways.

When you choose kids bedding for boys you might just skip the pattern because there's a tendency to look for very masculine pieces. However, you may just want to upgrade the fabric that you're using such as going with a gray microsuede. Another option would be just to make sure that you do bring in pattern. Tie-dye is very popular right now. This isn't the retro colorful tie-dye that we are used to. Instead it just focuses in on a large overall pattern. It might not be in a circle shape like retro tie-dye would be. Plus, it's probably going to stick within the same color palette but have an ombre effect which is where it fades from darker to lighter. This is a way that you can bring in any color such as turquoise that's still going to match white walls. It's one of the few patterns that's cool enough and masculine enough to be used in a teenage boys bedroom.

Another thing that you should consider when you go with cheap kids bedding is your color palette. For instance right now for girls we are really seeing a huge revolution against pink. A lot of neutral colors are coming into these rooms. This is perfect if you just want chocolate brown bedding. It could be in a stripe or polka dot or even a plaid. Then you can add in a lot of more feminine throw pillows to really counteract this but still get a unique look on a budget.