Designer laptop briefcases are surely more expensive than regular laptop bags we all know, although they don't have something special in terms of design or materials. This makes us wonder whether or not it's worth paying the high price for a designer brand laptop case, since we don't get any additional benefits. However, there is at least one situation when showing off can bring you a good return on your investment.

Business meetings and pitches. If you're a lady running her own business, showing off at your clients with a designer laptop bag can bring you unexpected sympathy. In most people's mind, there's a connection between brand names and prosperity and between prosperity and professionalism. If you're doing well and you can afford to buy expensive laptop briefcases, then it means that most probably you are successful in your business. This means that you deliver your clients true value, which they appreciate and pay for. This means you're trustworthy. This is why it can be best to invest in one of those fancy Puma notebook bags with wooden frame or at least in a fine leather Coach laptop briefcase. Your potential clients would surely spot the difference, so you may be able to gain a competitive edge even before opening your mouth and your laptop.

If you're rather the elegant type of lady, you may consider buying a Mac Book Air, which is ultra thin and which can fit any of your expensive designer tote bags, so there's nothing wrong with presenting yourself this way. The Mac Book Air is in itself an expensive gadget and they show it, so it's very probable that your potential customer knows and appreciates its value. I don't know if it would be wise to go as far as to take your computer out of a silky Swarovski crystals embedded laptop sleeve, but it always depends: if you're selling jewelry, this may be useful for your business.

If you don't think the Mac Book Air is what you want, there's another cool option from Apple: the new iPad, which is great for delivering exquisite presentations. Of course, it wouldn't be bad at all to get a series of iPad accessories to help you. Two ideas that first come to mind are a high-quality leather case and an iPad stand. An iPad bag could also be useful but that depends on your budget and on the bags you may already have.

When it comes to which brand to choose, there's a game of creativity, imagination and budget. A Gucci laptop case has one price tag, while a Zegari Barcelona bag has a totally different one. If you can't afford the Gucci or the Prada, don't get upset, because lower priced brands like Zegari or Coach are also beautiful and made of the finest leather, as they aren't cheap either. It's just they are more affordable to the average business woman like yourself.