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Every woman who has ever been pregnant knows how uncomfortable we can feel.  With swollen feet and breast that triple in size, the last thing we need is to look frumpy. There isn't any reason to wear old stained T-shirts and baggy shorts. We can still look attractive when we wear maternity and nursing outfits. 

In the past nursing clothes looked a little less attractive and once the new  mom gave birth, they would go back into the closet or became hand-me-downs because they were no longer needed. Affordable nursing clothes in Australia  is trendy and very fashionable. You can wear maternity clothing before and after giving birth. Many styles invisible access so you can breast feed your newborn. If you are still feeling uncomfortable when your little one gets hungry, drape a blanket or use a sling to completely hide feeding time.  

Recommended Nursing Clothes                                                                                              

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Nursing Bras

Comfortable and affordable designer nursing clothes are a must! Have you ever experienced breast lactation of a nice blouse because you wore the wrong bra during or after pregnancy? If you have than you understand what I am talking about. If its your first pregnancy and you believe you do not need a nursing bra, think again. Nursing bras are more convenient than regular bras. Nursing bras today come with invisible nursing clips and a drop-down sling so breastfeeding is easier for both you and your baby. 

Maternity Tops 

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Doesn't maternity tops look better than T-shirts? Looking and feeling attractive when we are pregnant makes us feel more energetic and beautiful.  People will 'ooh' and 'awe' when you are well dressed. There have been times when I have been out in public and people turn their noses down when they see a woman who is pregnant with their belly hanging out. Honestly wearing half shirts in public is less appealing than covering up our tummies and looking exquisite. If you must wear less clothing do it in the comfort of your home when family is around. In public places dress comfortably and nice. 

As your pregnancy progresses it is also good to buy shorts, capris or skirts with an elastic band that gives you room to grow. Wearing tight clothing is not good for the baby or you. Don't try to put your normal clothing on when you are 4-9 months pregnant. It will not work. Purchase a few comfortable pieces that you will grow into. Maxi's are quite popular this summer and give way to baby and breast growth.  Whatever designer nursing clothes you decide, make sure they fit your budget. You don't have to spend thousand of dollars like the stars to buy affordable nursing clothes in Australia. 

Choosing Comfortable Shoes

When it comes to comfort and your feet. Purchase shoes that are flat, not 5-inch heels. Not only is it hard on your feet because they will swell and spread, but your frame also needs support. To reduce lower back pain if you have to wear heels, buy heels that are no higher than two and a half inches. When you are in a comfortable place remove the heels and let your feet  relax. Wiggle those toes and stretch the ankles and calves. You can reduce swelling and pressure through your legs when you give them a little exercise.