For men, shoes are all about footwear and they have to be functional. You work in an office so you put on that black leather shoe. That is what you wear throughout the week. Over the weekend you wear your sport shoes and a pair of sandals to lazy around the house. You keep you shoes until they die on you and your girl forces you to buy new ones. As a male, you could easily remember the amount of shoes you've ever owned in your life. For you, shoes are just shoes and that is the end of the story. Most men wonder why women love shoes. It is good to wonder but there is no point in trying to understand. That is the way things are.

Some women would even swear that Adam and Eve had no clothing in the garden of Eden, but Eve had a pair of shoes. That is of course debatable but the idea is that shoes have been important to woman right from the beginning of time. The ironic thing is that women couldn't even explain why they love shoes so much. TV programs like sex and the city have glorified fashion and what is fashionable in such a way that you cannot escape the hype. The fact that women are crazy about shoes is not a hype. If you have a girlfriend or a wife or anything female at home, you will know it is reality.

The former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos was world famous for her love of shoes. She was once reported to posses about 3000 pairs of shoes. Could you imagine that many shoes in your closet? You would need a warehouse to store them. I am sure some shoe shops don't even have that many shoes on offer. Who should we blame for the obsession that women in general have with shoes? Nobody! That is the way things are.

Below are big names in designer shoes:

Luis Vuiton-

Anything with that name on it will normally have an interesting price tag to say the least. Branding is what it boils down to when it comes to designer shoes. The bigger the name, the better the price.

Here is a design by Luis Vuiton that will set you back about 800 dollars. If you think that is more shoes luis vuitonthan I earn in a month, think about how you will feel a million dollars with those on your feet. It is called style and it is either you've got it or you haven't. If you do decide to shell out that much for a pair of shoes and you've got no money left for food, at least you could find solace in being fashionable.

Christian Louboutin and Jean-Francois Lesage

When you put too big names together, what do you get? You get this:

funky shoes

You might be thinking whoa! That is great or you might be thinking what a load of tosh. If you've got the money to pay for it, you know you are worth it. Most women will be salivating just by looking at these shoes. They might be thinking, that will go well with that new dress I am planning to buy on credit.

Shoes have evolved to become a fashion statement and thanks to women. Well I should say thanks to men really. Men are the ones who started the craze but women inspired them.