In contrast to a sunscreen lotion, a tanning lotion aims at enhancing the production of melanin in your body thereby accelerating the tanning process. Traditionally people have relied upon the natural tanning agent (sunlight) for tanning their skin. However with the changing times, several artificial tanners also referred to as indoor tanning lotions have been introduced into the market. Within no time, these lotions gained immense popularity among customers.

Youngsters who are in their 20’s and 30’s have a particular fantasy towards these kinds of tanning lotions and creams. But one of the main causes of concern among them is the extent to which these lotions or tanning agents can damage their skin. Dryness and flaking are some of the most common side effects that people using tanning lotions complain about. Considering this fact, Designer Skin has come up with a range of tanning lotions that are both effective and user friendly.  

Increasing usage of tanning lotions among youngsters has mainly prompted companies to launch their products under different brand names. However very few have been as successful and popular as Designer Skin brand. The growing popularity of this brand is mainly due to wide choice it offers to its customers. In fact unlike most other companies operating in the market, Designer Skin has been relentlessly striving to come up with something new and unique and it has been successful to a great extent. 

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Designer tanning lotions help you achieve the skin tan you have been dreaming of without actually harming your skin. Some of the benefits that are associated with using Designer Skin tanning lotions are:

• Skin friendly - Unlike conventional tanning creams, designer Tanning lotions when used will help you achieve desired results without causing sunburns or dryness.

• Dual benefits - Besides tanning your skin, these lotions also act as a moisturizer. Wondering how? Designer Skin tanning lotions ensure that your body retains sufficient moisture content and thus prevent it from getting dehydrated.

• For a smooth and younger looking skin- Designer tanning lotions tend to slow down the process of ageing thereby keeping your skin smooth and young looking for a consistent period of time.

• Multiple uses - Unlike traditional tanning beds, Designer tanning lotions can be used indoors and yet are more effective. 

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There are several doubts and misconceptions related to using tanning lotions. One such question which every youngster who is new to using these kinds of lotions would have on his mind is how does a tanning lotion work? To put the matter in a nut shell, tanning lotions increase the Melanocytes (Melanin producing cells) percentage in your body thus give you the skin tan you have been dreaming of. Each self tanner that is available in the market is unique in its own in terms of the results it produces, method of application and washability. Some of the options you can pick from are:

Bronzer - Bronzer is one of the common, simple, basic and most widely used skin tanners. This particular tanner is highly recommended for all those people who are looking for instant results. Application and usage of this cream is also quite simple. Just like any other foundation cream, a bronzer can be applied directly to your face or any other part of the body which you would like to get tanned. Washing this tan is as simple and easy as its application. Ruby, Charmed, Splurge, Conceited, Mr Big Time, Naked Ambition and Luminary are some of the bronzer varieties offered under Designer Skin tanning lotions brand.

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Tanning Lotions - Tanning lotions are slightly different from bronzers. Tanning lotions are rich in ingredients like dihydroxyacetone and DHA. When these ingredients get in contact with your skin cells they give them that tanned looked by changing its colour to brown. Most self tanning lotions available in the market today are rich in these two ingredients.  

As mentioned earlier, Designer Skin brand offers a range of tanning lotions. So choosing one may not be as simple as stated. However few tanning lotions that are popular among customers are:

Worship Me Tanning Lotion - 'Worship me' as the name suggests is a tanning lotion which once used will prompt you to get back asking for more. This tanning lotion contains an advanced quadruple bronzer that is rich in Mega Melamax. This tanner when used gives your skin that dark caramel tan with a moist tinge added to it. Rich in tropical sugar fragrance and a healthy looking radiant glow, this tanning lotion is quite popular among youngsters. 

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Best Skin Tanning Lotion - When we say best, Designer Skin tanning lotion has a whole list to display. Each of these products is unique in its own self and has some special features to offer.

A Good Self Tanning Lotion - Is both an indoor and outdoor tanning lotion that is suitable for people of all age groups. This product is recommended for all of you who are craving for a stunning dark color tan.

The demand and market for tanning lotions is only expanding. Despite this rising competition Designer Skin has been highly successful and has secured a special position both in the market and minds of customers. Quality, effectiveness, affordability backed by complex and cutting edge ingredients are some of the factors that have helped Designer Skin retain its number one position in the market. Just like our skin type, our skin needs also vary drastically. Bearing this in mind, Designer Skin has developed a wide variety of products that dig deep into your skin and bring out an intense and radiant tan.  

Designer Skin tanning lotions are not just good at tanning your skin but are pretty mild and hence do not damage your skin. Instead they pamper and nourish your skin by ensuring that it retains required levels of moisture thereby giving it a soft and silky texture. You name it and Designer Skin has it in store for you. So make sure you pick one that matches your requirements.

Designer Skin tanning lotion is bound to make you look radiant and feel younger and beautiful and win you compliments from friends and loved one. Try Designer Skin tanning lotion  today and feel the difference.