If you ever looked at the sidewalk during a drizzly rush hour morning, chances are you will see a sea of black or blue plain umbrellas. Boring. But did you know that you can get really cool designer umbrellas? 

The trusty brolly has been apart of our coat closet for decades. Our grandparents used them and there is really no way around them. Fashions may changed and fabrics have got better, especially when it comes rain protection, but even with the cool raincoats and rain boots and even rain hats, nothing seems to protect us as easily as that trusty umbrella.



Look Chic!

kate spade new york Umbrella, BlackStripe
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(price as of Aug 12, 2016)

Polka Dots!

kate spade new york Travel Umbrella
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London Galleria Style

Galleria London Auto Open/close Super-mini Umbrella (London)
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(price as of Aug 12, 2016)

So, the designer ones are a way to make the trusty it cheery. You can get them in all kinds
 of colors and designs. You can even get custom printed ones with your own art if you wanted. But you don't have to go to that extent to find designer styles.

There is a line of chic and trendy that are being created now that are like art galleries. They have beautiful sceneries printed on them, such as the one pictured which is of London England. It is not too bold in colors, so this would make a great men's style. It is one way, to come away from those plain black and blue ones, and add some flair.

After all, if you are walking behind everyone carrying these, on one of those drizzly mornings, wouldn't it be nice to look at something other than that plain black one? A scene of Paris for example, or other cities. Maybe some artwork, or just something a little different.

Now as a guy, you may not want to be carrying designer umbrellas with roses and flowers on them, nor do you want anything to colorful with your business suit. But you can get Galleria pictures like the designer umbrella pictured. This is still in the grays and whites, but with a bit of something to look at.

You can get designer umbrellas in many shoes stores or department stores, but they can get expensive, plus the variety may not be there. Many of these stores will sell plain umbrellas or kids umbrellas.

If you are looking for something a bit more unique, or different, to add to your fashion wardrobe, then you may need to go shopping online. If you live with rain, then it may not hurt to have designer umbrellas in your house, car and office. That way you can change out your "scenes".

One great place to check for Galleria designer umbrellas is Amazon. The prices are good. There are many designer umbrellas and scenes to choose from. You can keep it low key with simple colors, or you can have splashes of color as with flowers. By purchasing online, chances are no one else will have the same one as you when you head to work on that drizzly day.

Why not have something different? Just like the rest of your fashions, you got them with your own personality in mind. The trusty designer umbrellas, can be a part of your fashion statement.