Looking for something that little bit special to wear on your feet but don't know where to begin? Why not try some platform wedge shoes by Christian Dior from his latest collection that include retro style platforms and purple wedge shoes to make anyone in the 70's or 80's jealous.

Or give Dsquared2 a chance, because they're aren't just stylish varnished leather and sports shoes for men, they also have a line of womens wedge shoes and sandals that are wild and weird. Haven't seen what Prada has this season? Then check out some of their transparent or clear wedge shoes and compare with Fendi's heels that look like glass with fabric straps around your foot and ankle in red or orange.

Looking for a perfect pair of pink wedge shoes, then visit the Diego Dolcini collection of hot pink, lime green and black wedge shoes that are fresh off the Milan and New York runways. And then there's always Christian Werner and his sculptured and translucent wedge heels and ribbons that make your foot look almost naked or Stathis Samantas and his eternal Greek straps on high heels and little else. But you'll have to wait for Samantas because he doesn't have a store yet.

Marie Clair Magazine and Nina Ricci

Need ideas for some strange or chic or just off the runways shoe ideas? Marie Claire magazine and view the newest 2009 and 2010 collections which might surprise you more than a little if you think wedge heels must be under your heel. Compare with some shiny red or black Nina Ricci designs with backwards heels as well.

Nocholas Kirkwood

Planning ahead and want some sexy pairs of holiday footwear? Go with gold and metallic leather from Nicholas Kirkwood's newest collection of space age retro or stick to his classic navy blue wedges or his leather pumps or boots or stilettos or flatshe's rather prolific when it comes to shoes.

Diego Dolcini and Dolce & Gabbana

Looking for purple or pink wedge shoes? Then stop and take a peek at the hot HOT designs by Diego Dolcini, Italian wedges at their best with a touch of lime green and black. And speaking of Dolcini that brings to mind Dolce & Gabbana with whom he collaborates in other collections of classic and fabulous wedge shoes and wedge sandals that have just slid off the New York and Milan runways.

There are so many womens shoes out there that it can be hard to choose, the very reason that so many of us have closets full of every shape and size known to women. Do your research properly though and you will find that you end up with items that you actually like and that you might wear once in a while.