Designer toilet seats maybe something we don't think about very often, but when we decide to re-design our bathrooms having a toilet seat just right can finish off the look of the rest of the bathroom. After we have spent many thousands having a designer give us a perfect new bathroom we should also give some thought to the toilet seat - something we use many times a day that can enhance the beauty of the bathroom.

Finding a someone who makes designer toilet seats

Finding designer toilet seats would be difficult in your local shopping mall, but fortunately the internet can help locate many 'artists' who specialise in making one-off masterpieces. Some make a design and produce a few of the same or you can have a totally unique seat that only you will have.

The cover of the toilet seat

We always tend to think of the shape of the cover as always being the same, but there are quite a few different variety's. Some of them have irregular lids shaped in such a way as to fit in the design and others have a novel 'half lid' where the lid lifts up in two halves.

What would the seat be made of?

There are a variety of materials used to make any toilet seat as well as designer ones, normally wood, resin, metal or plastic. Many of the designer ones tend to be either resin or wood as this material works well for the designer to put their designs onto. Some seats also have an anti-bacterial finish they can include to give peace of mind.

Different fittings for designer toilet seats

Normal hinge fittings are available, but why not get something a little better and get the slow closing hinges to give you a quieter night when someone drops the toilet seat. Heated toilet seats are also available in some ranges.

Prices for designer toilet seats or just for something a little different range greatly depending on whether you want something mass produced or completely unique. It's also worth noting that individual designers may be able to design something that compliments the seat cover, such as a matching mirror.

Spending a few minutes browsing the internet will give you a good idea of prices and also where you need to go to get your seat of choice. Think about what kind of design would compliment the bathroom well, for example, a modern or traditional design.

Whatever you decide to buy, enjoy your new purchase and bathroom.