A menu is considered as a marketing tool. It can be used to showcase their products and services. There are many kinds of menus to choose from and usually one sticks to the nature of the particular establishment. Having a genuine leather menu cover is one of the most common for businesses that are leaning towards formality. It is simple yet so classy. Leather is also remarkably durable and would last a long time.

Having an impressive menu is not only limited to food establishments such as restaurants and cafes. They can also be used for spas and salons. It is virtually the same concept with a menu from a food establishment except that the menu will be used for the list of services and their cost for the convenience of the potential clients.

It is of utmost importance that the menu is well thought of as it would have a huge impact on how customers are to view the specific establishment. It should be helpful with letting people be familiar with the kind of business they are into. Owners should be clear about what they want to have. They should be particular about how many pouches they need for the pages they are going to design, which means the content should be finalized before specifying the number of pouches with the menu.

There are standard sizes for a leather menu cover and the vinyl flaps that go with it. Others would like to stick to the standard so they will not need to specify anything but that could also be limiting. For people who need to be particular about every little detail in their establishment, customization is ideal.

How it is to be viewed can also be customized. Aside from the number of pouches to hold menu pages, the opening or arrangement of the pages is also a matter of importance. There are some who prefer to have sheets inside while others agree with utilizing the exterior sheets. There opening of the menu can also have an accordion style. An accordion style for menus would be ideal for establishments that have a long list of products and services.

For presentation of services it would be best to be straight to the point. Others like the idea of having separate sheets for summary and promotional clippings that are smaller than the main list. The size and make of the vinyl flaps can accommodate this type of detailing

For instance, there could be vinyl pockets half the size of the main menu. Those would be perfect for bar lists, desserts or added information about the establishment. For spas and salons, it can contain the promotional offerings for the month. The sheets inserted these vinyl flaps can be replaced with another if it is no longer applicable.

It is not enough to have a presentable leather menu cover. The content should also be as informative. The best thing is to hire a graphic designer who knows the requirements for text and artwork to be more effective. If the graphic designer does not dabble into photography, a separate photographer should be assigned to document the best pictures to market the product or service.