If you work in or own a salon, you know how important a good business card is. You want something stylish and memorable that fits your personality. Because many of these salon business cards double as appointment cards, you want to create a design that people won't mind keeping in their wallet or purse. This is a good chance that others will see these cards and you want them to drawn to them and read them.

Deciding on the Design

You are probably a creative and artistic person. Since looks are so important to the salon industry, how your business card is designed matters. You can't go with something bland and boring. Other industries might get away with this, but not yours. So, how do you decide?

Well, one of the first steps is to decide how broad or narrow you want the appeal to be. Many people will choose general beauty salon cards. These don't show things such as nails or scissors. Most of them can be used for different businesses, but work especially well with salons.. They can have several different feels, from elegant, modern, vintage, or even trendy grunge.

If you are trying to attract specific types of clients, however, you want your salon business cards to be more specific as well. A nail salon should look for a card that showcases the hand and fingernails. If you have a hair salon, look for a card that shows hair, scissors, or a blow dryer. The advantage of these kinds of designs is that anyone who sees your card will no exactly what you offer. So if they've been thinking of getting their nails done, they will pay more attention to this kind of card than they would something more general.

How to Design

After you've decided what type of card you want, you need to make it happen. But what is the best way to get it designed? If you have a good idea of what you want but lack the skills to do it yourself, take your sketches and descriptions to a local designer of business cards. They should be able to make something that matches your vision. This does tend to be the most expensive option, however.

If you are hoping to save money, you can go to an online print on demand store such as Zazzle. There will be hundreds or even thousands of uploaded designs that you can choose from. To make them customized, all you have to do is add your own information. You can then order them and they will be printed up and sent directly to you. Since the design can be sold multiple times, the price for this service is quite affordable. You won't have a unique salon business card but with so many choices it is unlikely you will come across a company who is using the same thing.

With design skills, you can always make your own and use a print on demand store to publish them for you. This requires the most work, but it is an affordable way to ensure that you get exactly what you want. It also guarantees that your card will be unique.