Country bathroom vanities hold up well with families because they are pretty sturdy. Plus, you can redo your current vanity with a country design to give more character. It's also a cheap fix that can add color to your room. Here are a few tips for painting and creating a country bathroom vanity.

Use what you've already got. Painted finishes are really popular in this design style. You could try a fresh robin's egg blue or a more basic cream. You could distress the edges or just have a clean paint finish. Paint is inexpensive and you can get the exact shade you want for your bathroom. This is a great alternative to buying new cabinets and its very budget friendly.

Use a piece of furniture. You might be able to turn an old table, buffet or a dresser into a bathroom vanity. Just make sure you have enough room for storage. If you don't have a vintage piece around then make your existing vanity look like a piece of furniture. You can add decorative legs and molding to the front to give it more character. You could also add bead board to the door fronts to hide any flaws and give the room character.

The focus should be on the lines of the piece and a general aged appearance. This means that the countertop should blend in with the piece; such as using a light colored stone that will match any other design styles that you want to go into in the future. As for colors you can either go with neutral paint, natural wood tones or a more daring color. Any painted finishes should have a lot of gray in them so they look worn like sage green or blue. This might be a better way to add color to a small bathroom because you'll still get in your favorite shades without having overpowering walls.

You might really want to draw attention to yoru vanity and make it the focal point. Try adding layers of glaze on top for an aged appearance. You can apply the same finish to the mirror for a coordinating look. Keep the look more elegant by using a subtle glazing effect that is close to the paint color so it doesn't look too over the top.

Country style has come a long ways in the last few years. It's a lot more chic and a lot less cutesy. This means that it can work no matter where you live. It uses a lot of character so you'll get a room that is totally different from your neighbors. You can make your own bathroom vanity into something special with just a little bit of elbow grease.