There are numerous ways of making money online. One of the most lucrative opportunities that has come about the last few years is to make and sell applications for phones and tablets. More than likely you have bought one if you own a smart phone or a tablet. In fact we do not even call them smart phones; we usually just call them phones now. This market may seem overwhelming but there are still many niches that are untapped.

In order to become a successful marketer you do not have to know how to design. You can hire a company to make it for you and then you can get it listed for sale. The amount of money that can be made is astronomical; however, not ever person who sells them becomes rich obviously. There are a lot of different versions and modifications that have been successful but there have been a lot that have been failures.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the top selling-apps of all-time. The Angry Birds franchise has spawned numerous sequels as well as additional income by licensing the Angry Birds Imagery. You can buy angry Bird Hats, shirts, blankets, boxers, and more. All of the money came in because the developer of the angry Birds game specifically designed a game to be fun and addicting. You can do the same thing.

Although you probably will not have the same success as Angry Birds you can still make a lot of money. You do not have to program or build any app. All you have to do is develop the concept and the idea of the app or game that you want to create and then let a mobile phone app developer actually build the app and ensure that it works properly.


Designing apps does not have to be complicated for you. Designing a complex app such as Angry Birds will take too much to do on your own; however, you simply design the game and let the software engineers actually build it. You are creating the idea and profiting off of it while the app developers and software devlopers are simply working to make you successful by designing and building an app that you had an idea for.  When you decide to add on levels to a game or expand an app or modify an app that you designed you simply pay the developer and they upgrade it for you. At this point you will have built up a huge following from the original incarnation of your game and many of these people will download the newer version of the game or app you have paid to have designed and built.


You can make money with them in numerous ways but the most common methods are to sell an app and to place advertisements within the app. Many have basic version out for free and then you get hooked on it and want to “unlock” additional features by upgrading. It may only be $1.99 you charge but if you get 5,000 people a day upgrading then you have some serious dough rolling in to you each and every day. You can then use this money to expand your app company even further and triple your profits overnight.

Building Your Own from Scratch

Building an app is definitely something that most people will want to outsource. If you have no experience building  then you will have a steep learning curve that will keep your app product from ever getting to the market. Most successful apps sold by individuals are not built by that person. The person simple hires a company that makes apps and that app makes it for them.

There are turnkey app makers that make it easier to get an app built and listed in the Applications market all on your own; however, these apps are of inferior quality and cannot compete with very profitable apps such as Angry Birds or Word with Friends.

I am not saying that you will have the same success as angry Birds if you outsource because you probably won’t; however, you will have much more success if you hire a good app builder as opposed to simply trying to piece something together on your own. I do not care how much tech experience you have because you may be awesome at building web pages from scratch or coding in Java from scratch but if you do not have the field of building down then you need to hire another company o do it. Your job is to come up with an idea, hire a company to build it, and then sell itIf you decide to build your own complex app then you still struggle and after reading countless books and web pages you will get frustrated and quit. I like good apps and people like you need to get your good ideas to the market and you can do that by hiring companies that specialize in building apps.

One of the best things is that you have access to a Worldwide market. Smart phone and tablet useage is continuing to grow and expand in many Countries. You will be able to profit off of these other Countries for many years to come. If you develop an app and it becomes profitable then you need to ensure that you grow your business by developing more apps.

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