Butterfly room decor can be your entire theme for your space or just a whimsical accent. You can use it in a little girls' room of course but also transition it into a more elegant look. Plus, butterflies have a lot of fantastic colors in them so it can be the inspiration for your color scheme and paint palette. Here are a few tips for buying, making and decorating with butterfly room decor.

Butterfly Wall Decor

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Head to the holiday department. This is a great place to find a lot of butterfly items that you can repurpose into other arenas. You could turn a butterfly costume into a mobile or just hang the wings in the corner. It's common to find oversized faux butterfly Christmas ornaments at the dollar store that you could tie or glue onto lamps or maybe even turn them into a mobile.

Make butterflies yourself. These butterflies will be delicate the way that a real insect would be so only use them in areas where your kids won't bother them. You could try making large butterflies from pantyhose and wire hangers. This allows you to get the exact shape, size and color you want. Plus, you can add lots of details by hot gluing gems onto them. Another easy project is try getting the dresser in on the act by shaping drawer pulls out of polymer clay. Create your own display of whimsical butterflies the way that science teachers always have them framed. You won't even have to catch any. Just try cutting them out of scrapbook paper and then putting them in a formal frame or mat. The paper should have lots of patterns, colors and details to make the piece interesting.


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Butterfly Home Decor

I like this not just on the walls but on the furniture too!

Butterfly themes aren't just for kids. You could turn them into the focal point of your room. Try taking a macro shot of a butterfly wing. You could then blow it up on your wall and turn it into a mural. You could also break the picture apart and paint it on several canvases so it covers the entire wall. Make it graphic or abstract so it doesn't' seem too cutesy. This adds personal and unique artwork to your space on a budget.

Another way to make butterflies elegant is to bring in garden furniture. You might be able to find an iron bench that has is ensconced in an iron butterfly. You can also find a lot of small details to make more of an elegant impact. A lot of time on antique or vintage reproductions the drawer pulls will have subtle butterfly carvings inside an emblem. A hinge might even look like a butterfly. This is a way to get your favorite creature in the room without the space becoming too feminine or juvenile. These pieces will be made out of metal so you won't have to decorate around bright oranges and yellows. It's a more subtle take on this design style.

Butterfly room decor adds life and color to a room. You can make it yourself or just buy it. It's an easy way to make a theme room for a kid or just add a fun touch to one of your main living spaces.