Modern home accents give you the opportunity to update your room without spending a lot of money. The problem with this design style is that whenever you are on the cutting edge you run the risk of investing in pieces that are going to go out of date quickly. This might work for a wardrobe, but it's a totally different ball game when you are talking about a sofa. Here are a few tips to freshening up your room inexpensively.

Start off with a solid base. It's a pretty smart idea to go with a basic white or taupe sofa. You might be afraid of a lighter colored sofa if you have kids. If this is the case then get a forgivable fabric such as micro suede or find a slipcover that you can bleach. These items have come a long way in the last few years. Slipcovers no longer look like a ghost sitting in the middle of the room. Instead they have separate covers for a cushion to really define the lines of your pieces. If you still don't want a light colored sofa then go with a chocolate brown or black.

Bring in color and pattern. Color is one of the things in design that changes most often. Sure, green might always be in style but it seems like it's a different green every year. Try adding personality in your room through new curtains and throw pillows. You can even just invest in pillow covers and reuse the pillows from year to year to save on money and waste. This allows you to totally transform the look of your room.

Do a little bit of free decorating. Modern decor focuses on wide open spaces and lots of light. Depending on the floor plan of your house this might not seem possible. Do you have any end tables in your room that you don't use? Take them out. Get rid of any window treatments that you don't absolutely need such as valances and sheers and just leave the curtains for a simpler look.

Bring in functional items that look like sculpture. You can find magazine racks made out of twisted metal that will add subtle shimmer to your space. Artwork is a staple in modern design so it gives you the opportunity to make the items that you use everyday into something special. Change out your faucets for a waterfall type variety.

Add one funky piece to the room. This might be glass mosaic tile or kitchen stools in a variety of colors. This keeps a basic room from seeming cold or hospital like. It shows that you have a sense of humor about design and that you enjoy your home. If you are using a variety of accent colors then go with the same vivid tones like orange, lime green and hot pink so they coordinate. This will keep things looking funky instead of like a little kids' room.

Your room might just be missing something to make it feel like a high end space. This is where modern home decor can save the day. Add a few accessories and an accent color throughout the space for a cohesive design style.