Decorative large mirrors are an opportunity for you to really shop on a budget. This is something that we see in a lot of designer magazines but you can also get the same upgrade in your own home. It will also really help to bounce a lot of light throughout your space. Here are a few ways that you can really shop for these items quite inexpensively. This is the easiest way to make a small room feel much larger.

Large Floor Mirror

Large Standing Mirrors

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Large Antique Mirror

You can also really a find a lot of mirrors at thrift stores. You may need to paint the frame. If it has a very ornate frame then you can make it very funky. A great way to do this is just by going with a modern look by spray painting it white. It can be difficult to get convincing metal finishes so it's best just to skip these and instead go for painted versions. You can make it shabby chic with a little bit of white and black distressing to it. It can also be very suitable for a teenager's room just by going with a lime green or hot pink frame. This is something that you aren't going to be able to find in most stores. Decorative large mirrors are really going to be the focal point of your room so you want to make sure that you get pieces that you are proud to show off.

Large Framed Mirrors

Another option when you're looking for cheap large mirrors is to head to outlet stores like Ross or T.J. Maxx. They are going to have a smaller selection but they also have a lot of really great price tags too. One thing that you want to consider is going with more of a metallic tone. This initially is really going to save you a ton of money just because the mirror isn't going to be as large. In fact it can even just be a small mirror, but then have a really expansive medallion or starburst design around it to take up that much more wall space.

Large Round Mirrors

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Large Round Mirrors

One thing that you might want to consider doing is taking a trip to the hardware store. You may be able to find mirror tiles. Usually this application would seem a little bit outdated but it just depends on how you do it. You could even turn this into a DIY project and frame out several mirror tiles. Another option would be to create kind of a border around your room instead of doing an entire mirrored wall. This will be one of your most expensive options but it allows you to create extra large mirrors quite inexpensively.

This can also turn into a DIY project. In fact you could just build an extra large mirror into the architecture of your home. You could surround it with intricate paneling for a library look. You could also just use your plain bathroom mirror which seems very vintage and try framing it out for more of a modern kind of look. Sure, it requires a little bit of skill but allows you to get a custom look on a budget.