Pine kitchen cabinets can be neutral even though there are a lot of knots in them. You can work this in with almost any design style. It's a way to add more interest to a basic paneled door. It's also one of the least expensive wood options that you can find.

When you think of pine kitchen cabinets you might automatically envision a rustic lodge effect. If you do want to go with this design direction then really skip a lot of the basic log furniture or beams that you could add into the space. Paint your walls a muted green color. Go for the warmth of the lodge instead of adding in all of the wood tones which can feel a little bit heavy. Skip basic green countertops. Even if you're working with a laminate just a subtle brown or gray is going to still stay true to this rustic design style while being more neutral.

You can also experiment with a more casual Southwest kind of design style. Keep your walls a bright white. This works really well if you have stucco or plaster texture on your walls. You could add in a few light ceiling beams. Then bring in a lot of tin elements. You can even mimic a backsplash with painted tin artwork. This is going to bring in color. You can stick with trendy terracottas and turquoises which are perfect for this design aesthetic.

It's easy to give this a vintage flair. You might want to paint out some of the cabinets. Another option would be just to bring in a portable island but give it a fun coat of paint in a coral or turquoise. Then look for porcelain knobs. These can look dated because it was so evocative of the country design style a few decades ago. You can just totally change this up by just going with a very plain knob. It doesn't need to have a handpainted element on it because this can seem too country. You could even bring in modern kitchen cabinets or a mirrored wardrobe for balance.

When you think of pine kitchen cabinets elegant might not be the first phrase that pops into your mind. However, this can be a cost effective way to get natural wood in your space. You'll want to look for crown molding, glass doors, and plate rack additions. The stain color can be a lot darker. Even if you want a medium finish make sure that it's more muted instead of the typical yellow pine color which is so evocative of this design style.

If you want an elegant style then you can really splurge with the money you saved on your cabinetry. Make it feel high end with a neutral color of granite countertop. Granite often has a lot of brown flecks so one of them will most likely match your cabinet color. The knots of the wood should also be a lot less pronounced with this kind of design style.

You'll also need to bring in more modern elements so that this style doesn't seem too dated. You can just do this with the height of the cabinets. Skip the basic plant shelf on top which can be a gathering area for kitschy accessories. Instead get the maximum amount of storage space just by taking your cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling. Be aware that you might need a step stool to ensure that this is still useable.