Teal rugs are really a chance to get a spot of color in your room. This is something that can compliment a lot of white furniture that you all ready own. The great thing about it is that it's also going to work with a lot of different flooring colors whether you have a basic cream stone tile or a dark wood floor. It's a chance to really even bring in more of a Spanish kind of theme by going with an orange tile floor, but tone it down a little bit. This is one of my favorite rug colors. I'd never be daring enough to use it for a wall to wall carpet but area rugs are cheap and easy to replace.

Teal Shag Rug

Teal Rug

For a solid teal area rug you'll want to focus on texture such as a shaggy style. This will be more money so compromise on the size a little bit and get a 5x8. An 8x10 usually will cost hundreds of dollars more, so it's practically like getting it on sale. The deep blue color will still make a dramatic statement.

The other really great thing about teal rugs is that you can just go with a very solid color. You might want to spend a little bit more money on something that is going to last. It might also be important to you to just go with more soothing colors and skip a lot of patterns in the space. In this case you still will have interest in the room because of the rich tone. However, if you do go with a solid color rug then you need to make sure that it looks expensive. A great way to do this is to go with a flokati kind of design style. This adds in a long shag kind of look that almost mimics fur. It can also be quite expensive, but it does have a lot of texture to your room.

Teal Rugs

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For a Living Room

This is a great way to bring color in on your flooring. For the past few decades neutral flooring has been really popular. This can be a little bit bland. However, it is a very smart decision just because replacing your flooring can be quite expensive. This means that the basic tan carpet can really be durable over time. However it also means that it can be a little bit boring because so many people are going to have this in their homes. Just going with these kind of colors, even if it's just in a bathroom, is really going to give a totally different look because people aren't used to seeing color on the floor anymore.

This can also be the focal point of your entire room. Really draw your inspiration from the rug. Since it is such a rich kind of color then you can continue this throughout the space. Go with really contemporary kind of silver picture frames or mirrors. The great thing about this is that it is a cool color so it's going to relate back to the teals that you've brought into the space.

Teal Area Rug

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Zebra and Animal Prints

One thing that you can really consider when you go with teal rugs is going to be an adventurous animal print. An outdoor rug can even work for summer party ideas or have turquoise flowers on it. This can be a very sophisticated color. In this case the teal should be a little bit more toned down. It should have more green or gray in it. Otherwise this can be more suitable for a teen's room if it's brighter and closer to a turquoise kind of color. In this case, you can just really experiment and find very elegant patterns of animal prints. These need to be bold such as a zebra or a cheetah. The color palette is really going to tone it down so that your room doesn't feel too much like a safari and this can be different than what most people will be expecting.