A rustic coffee table can really be the focal point of your room. This is a chance to get a real wood piece quite inexpensively. The really great thing about this is that these pieces can usually take a beating so it's perfect if you have dogs or kids. It's a much more family-friendly style of coffee table than you may have encountered in the past that no one was allowed to put their feet up on.

One thing that you'll really want to consider when you go with rustic wood furniture is the wood tone. This should really be a medium stain color. The pieces are so dramatic just in their silhouettes and the sheer size that it's better just to have a more neutral stain color just so that it doesn't dominate the space. This is also good if you have a family room and kitchen combination. You may have a really open floor plan and in this case it's very important to make sure that all of the wood tones really flow together for a cohesive look. Just changing out the actual material to something like a pine is going to give a more modern look than basic oak but it can still relate to any kitchen cabinetry that you have of this type.

This can also be a storage solution for you. When you choose a rustic coffee table it can coordinate with a lot of the other furniture that you might have in your space. In fact you might even be able to find a piece that is durable enough to use for rustic outdoor furniture. In this case you want to go with more of a trunk style. Of course when you have anything with a lift top you need to make sure that it's secure around little kids. However, this is a chance to hide away a lot of magazines, remotes, or even blankets or throw pillows. It can even act as a makeshift toy box as long as you take safety into consideration.
Since these pieces are oversized it really does add in a lot of storage to the room. Just make sure that whatever metal elements are on the piece really coordinate with any lamps that you have in the space or ironwork. It can even match your fireplace. The other really great thing about this is that often these travels style kinds of trunks usually have a lot of leather straps to them which can also work well with a basic leather sofa that you might have in the space to really complete the rustic style.

The really great thing about a rustic coffee table is that it can just be a subtle hint of the Western or country style. You really don't have to decorate your whole room around this but if you have a modern space that just feels a little bit cold try bringing in one natural wood piece to see the difference that it can really make. Instead of pairing it with a distressed leather sofa you could just try going with a very modern black leather sofa with clean lines and a really polished finish. You can still make the pieces put together just by going with slightly more casual pillows or a really chunky knit blanket. This is also a way to mix and match a lot of the pieces that you may already have without redoing the entire room all at once if you're on a budget.

Rustic wood furniture doesn't have to feature just wood. In fact it can also really venture into more of the use of a lot of ironwork. This can really add to any light fixtures or fireplaces that you have in the room. This can just be subtle hardware or it could be an entire end table.

You really don't have to use solely wood furniture in this kind of design style. In fact you could just go with a heavy iron or slate kind of design. This is a great way to give a new rich look to your room. It's going to bring in an entire new color palette that is still neutral but also different with a lot of grays and oranges. The really great thing about this is that it instantly adds character to neutral sofas, but it still gives a slight pop of color to the room. You could really use this material in several other areas throughout the space by bringing in a waterfall or just using slate tile as your fireplace surround. This is also going to be a really durable material.

Another thing that you want to consider is going with real log furniture. This is one of the more expensive options when you shop in this kind of design style. In this case you'll want to mix and match it with more contemporary pieces just so that your space doesn't seem too much like a gift shop. It's really important to find balance while still bringing in natural elements that you love. For instance, you might just want to go with a log coffee table and pair it with more modern end tables in the same color but a streamlined style.

This can also be quite inexpensive. In fact, you can just get a lot of crates to use as end tables. Right now wood crate furniture is extremely popular. You can have a lot of fun with this just by painting your family logo on this in a stamp kind of style or use a stencil to add in some of your favorite words. Of course you'll need to make sure that this is finished off so you don't get slivers. You can even have some sort of top to it or just use it as is. You could also put cushions on top if you want a more of the look of an ottoman. You can find a lot of these in designer magazines but you can also just create this look yourself.