A shabby chic dresser is a pretty specific piece of furniture already. However there are a lot of different design directions you can use this furniture piece in. This is going to make it appropriate for a master bedroom or more youthful for a nursery. This is also a way to strike a balance if you need to bring masculine and feminine pieces in your room. Paint is one of the hallmarks of this design style so it really gives you the opportunity to create this furniture yourself with items you might already have that aren't in the best shape.

If you are going for more of a modern country style or if you just want a more masculine kind of piece then focus in on the color instead of faux finishing and distressing. Really you could use colors that are traditionally masculine such as green and blue but go with a pastel kind of version. This is also a way to add this look to a basic contemporary piece with straight lines. This is really going to give you two different feelings on one piece of furniture. It's going to lend a lot of character to the modern style, but it's also going to tone down the shabby chic style which can sometimes be a little bit too feminine.

A basic shabby chic dresser is really going to have a cream or off white paint with a lot of distressing. This distressing can just be around the edges if you want to sand it down. This can also show off layers of paint. If you don't have layers of paint you can just add a glaze over the top of the whole piece so that your paint finish looks more antique.

You can also change this up just a little bit because it is something that is seen so often. Really find ways to add a more masculine feeling to the top of the pieces to just get a little bit of interest. You could even tile the top of the dresser with a tumbled marble tile, which is going to relate to the neutral color of the furniture but bring in a natural stone element. You could also have a lot of success with a mosaic pattern from broken pieces of china. Another option would be just leave the top in a plain dark wood. This is really going to show off the beautiful wood grain that was so common in antique styles of furniture. However, paint the rest of the piece to really freshen it up. It makes it suitable for smaller spaces because the dark wood isn't going to overwhelm the room. Another really great thing about this is that it allows you to mix and match the wood tones with painted furniture in the rest of your room.

A shabby chic dresser could also be an area where you bring in pattern and color. This almost serves as the artwork in your room. You can even bring it into an entryway because it does have plenty of storage space for all of your scarves and hats. You don't have to use the dresser in a bedroom. It can even be a serving piece in a dining room. This is going to coordinate beautifully with cottage style dining room furniture that you might have in the space.

A way to bring in pattern on a shabby chic dresser is with paint. You can even just accent some of the intricate carved details on the piece by just dry brushing a little bit of a pink or green paint over it and then wiping it off. The paint finish from the rest of the furniture is going to show through but it just gives it a subtle detail. If you want more of a French inspired feeling then you can do this with a metallic color paint. This is a small accent that allows you to tie your entire color palette together.

If you have flat front drawers on your shabby chic dresser then consider turning them into kind of a canvas. Really paint allows you to create a unified design from drawer to drawer. This is going to be a lot more sophisticated looking than a basic stencil. It's also something that's very personal just to your furniture piece. You can really replicate these simply by tracing a pattern even if you aren't an artist. This takes a little bit of practice and you can add in a tiny bit of shading and color so it has more of a realistic kind of effect.

When you finish painting the shabby chic dresser you really need to be sure that you pay attention to the knobs. Oftentimes these are the focal points of this kind of furniture. However, when you go to the trouble of hand painting you really want to make sure that you don't distract from it. This means that the drawer pulls that you should choose should really blend in with the background. You can also go with a neutral color, just make sure that it isn't too shiny such as an antique brass or oil rubbed bronze. You can also go for more of a pewter color instead of a bright and shiny silver which would seem too contemporary.

You can also go for different tones of paint. This can be very elegant looking. It will also allow more cohesion once you apply a glaze over it. Instead of using hand painting you can consider just painting the doors a different color from the rest of piece. This especially works well on a shabby chic dresser that has intricate lines to it. You might want to just stick with two colors that are very close to each other. Of course, if you're working in a kid's room then this can be a bit more daring. However, you still want to keep it elegant. This is a way to make neutral paint colors interesting. Even if you just went with different shades of cream and ivory it can add a little bit of contrast. You could also just paint any posts and railings on it a different color.