There is a big difference between desire versus execution. For those people that have a goal, consider whether or not it is something that you constantly desire what you are doing anything about, or it is something that you are constantly working towards. Desire is when you really want something. But, desire is when you keep wanting something and you keep thinking about it, but you are stagnant. When you dream about it and imagining, but spend all of your time doing that. Do not just desire. Instead, think about execution.

Execution is when a person constantly thinks about new things to do. That person is constantly trying different approaches to reaching their goals. Execution is about doing. Execution is when you don't just sit back and worry that you are not going to reach that goal, but when you keep working at it. For example, nobody would ever think that certain people could run a marathon. If the person desired to run it, but never did anything about it, then it would never happen. If the person focused on execution, then that person would start to run every day. First that person would run 1 mile a day. Then the person would increase that to 2 miles a day. Gradually the person would increase the difficulty until they reached 26.2 miles. This is because that person focused on execution.

Many people want to be rich. They keep wondering how to be wealthy. Being rich is about the execution. Are you constantly trying to think of new ideas? Are you constantly pitching new ideas and trying to create new inventions? Are you constantly trying new ways to earn money? Do you work very hard and take on more than one job to earn more money? Or, are you sitting back and thinking about how you are not rich. Do you sit back and desire to be rich, but don't take any action towards it? That is desire and that means you will not be prosperous.

The next time you think of a new goal, consider whether or not you are acting with desire or execution. Don't just sit around and desire something. Think about how you can do and get that item and then go do it. The most important thing here is to take action. Those who do not take action will never get what they want. Those that desire and spent too much time wishing and wanting, will not get to where they want to be. Time is precious and you don't want to spend all that time thinking versus acting.