When we think of decorating our homes, we have almost limitless possibility. We always want to add something to our home that is distinctive so that it stands out from the rest of the décor. One of the things that has become quite popular recently is the desk fountain. Desk fountains are a visual stunning focal piece which is small enough to sit on top of the desk.

These fountains are small water features that are made for tabletops and desktops, and other non-floor surfaces. They are usually utilize stones in the design and have to be tall enough to allow a slow but steady stream of water to cascade down the piece. The result is a soothing natural sound of water flowing over the stones. Their beauty and simplicity bring a little bit of the outdoors inside, reminding individuals of warm, sunny days.

Of course, that's certainly not where the benefits of these decorative items end.

Desk fountains are available in various shapes and sizes and it is up to you to decide which one suits you best. The various materials used in making these items are ceramics, slate, bamboo, glass and many more items.  The price ranges from $60 to $500 and above depending upon the material and type of the decor you select.

The fountain for a desk or office makes a perfect gift for any occasion. I recommend choosing a one that goes nicely with the individual’s personal style and purchase some design that will work for their home or place of business. A simple desk fountain always adds style and peace to the surroundings.

 Advantages of having a water feature in your place of work include:

  • Flowing water adds moisture in the air. The moisture in the air helps in removing cold contaminants and also aids in removing dry skin problems.
  • It also reduces susceptibility to infection and reduces static electricity.
  • A well-designed desk water piece can act as an effective noise filter which helps in cancelling the disturbance caused by the various peripheral sounds in the environment.  
  • The constant recycling water from the desk fountains plays a vital role in the surroundings where it is kept. It helps in maintaining the general health and wellness of office workers. The increased humidity is especially important during the cold and dry times of year. In a central heating working environment, a large amount of dust particles and other pollutants arise due to non-usage of the systems. The additional humidity helps combat dust and other airborne irritants, and it also serves as an air ionizer. Air pollutants tend to be charged with a positive amount of ions, and flowing water is negatively ion-charged, so decorative desk fountains help balance the charge in the air and reduce ill-effects.
  • According to the Chinese practice of Feng Shui flowing water helps in maintaining positive energy.
  • There is peacefulness about water which is both relaxing and mesmerizing.

Safety precautions that one should carry out before installing or setting up a small water fountain in your office:

  • Always consult an electrician about where to position the desk fountain it it requires hard wiring.
  • The unit should be placed, where paperwork is at a minimum.
  • Always check the required space for the desk fountain before buying.