If you are struggling to get fit and healthy while working long hours at your desk, then consider getting a desk treadmill.

These pieces of equipment are designed for anyone who wants to fit in exercise but either can’t find the time or just don’t like the idea of heading somewhere else or having to make an appointment to fit in some much needed exercise.

If you have ever been slumped over your desk and computer on a project that needs to get finished soon, then exercise is probably the last thing on your mind.  But by working in this way you are actually taking longer. 

Getting up and stretching and walking around or going for a brisk walk at lunch time helps the blood flow which in turn helps our brain power.  If you have been trying to brain storm a project or problem, then consider going for a brisk walk, change the scenery even for a few minutes and drink lots of water and then come back to the problem and see if you can find a new prospective on things.

When our bodies get sluggish and tired we tend to go around in circles with our imagination and thoughts and that project can take longer.  So, if you want to get some more power back into your brain, get some exercise, lots of water and good food for fuel and work at your peak.

Taking 5 minutes every hour will actually help you.  But what if you just don’t want to do that?  What if you work from home, and you just want to stay focused on your project of the day?  But you also realize that you need to get your body moving and get some exercise, then consider purchasing a desk treadmill.

This piece of equipment is a great way to get some exercise throughout your day, and still be able to work on the attached desk.  Even just a gentle walk at 1 or 2 mph, will build up while you work on your projects and assignments.  Even an avid gamer will like the idea of doing two chores at once! You could even wear a pedometer and see just how many steps you are getting each day.

These desk treadmills actually have a portable desk attached.  You can fit your ldesk treadmillaptop and other things on this desk, and continue working.  Or if you really do like the idea of a break, maybe download a video on your laptop and watch it while you walk.  These are great for nasty weather days too.

Treadmill Desk - Signature 9000

If you are having a hard time fitting in some healthy exercise into your day, then multi-tasking with work and exercise might be the way to go for you.

You can also get under the desk pieces of equipment such as a desk peddler that has you riding a bicycle under your desk.  But if you would rather just work out your entire body, then using a treadmill is like going for a long walk every day.  It will help your blood flow, and give your brain the power it needs to actually get that project or assignment done.

Doing exercises at your desk is a great way to stay healthy and at an ideal weight, but if you like the idea of walking for exercise and to clear the cobwebs from your head, then you may want to consider one of these desk treadmills.  They are designed for no movement on the desk part, but you can be moving and even change the inclines.

You could rack up a few miles even at a slower pace over the day, and feel better for it.  These are a great addition to a home office too. 

You can get a desk treadmill at most exercise equipment stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.  If you like the idea of getting exercises at your desk, but not at the gym, then consider getting a desk treadmill and stay on top of your game.