Your bedroom is probably the most personal space in your home. A place where you can afford to be totally self indulgent and surround yourself with whatever pleases you without having to consider being social or accommodating others. To this end, people will vary dramatically in what they choose when it comes to cupboards, storage and desks for bedrooms.

A teenager, or indeed a student of any age, will probably find that the bedroom is an ideal place for studying and may spend many hours seeking some peace and quiet so that they can get some work done away from the television and general household disturbances. Desks for bedrooms in these cases will tend to be more office styled with facilities for computers, printers and possibly writing space (although writing by hand is becoming rather a thing of the past!). If you are in the situation whereby you are able to start from scratch with the room and produce a complete interior design for the space, then you will find that there is a huge range of design ideas for bedrooms for youngsters and students. Try not to go for something which a teenager may find too "young" for them after a short time. Chose something slightly more adult than their years so that the furniture will have a longer life expectancy.

desks for bedroom

Bear in mind that teenagers tend to spend a good deal of time in their bedrooms and may also use the space for entertaining their friends. Due to this, the furniture may have to succumb to a good deal of wear and tear. As a general rule, the more that you pay for furniture the better quality it is and therefore the sturdier it is. This is obviously not always true and it is possible to pay cheap for good quality, and, unfortunately, the opposite. But in general, try to invest in the best that you can afford and then you will not be constantly nagging your teen to be careful with the furniture and you will hopefully still have drawer fronts and cupboard doors left after the first year.

If you are looking for cupboards and desks for bedrooms for smaller children then you can have some great fun. Gone are the days of dark and gloomy furniture for the kids' rooms. Nowadays there are some wonderful design ideas for children. Some are geared towards girls or boys specifically and some unisex. Once again, do not opt for something that is too young for them as they do grow up very quickly and the "princess" bedroom that your daughter so loved when she was four may not be quite so dear to her when she is seven. It is best to buy basic pieces of furniture which are timeless and decorate the room in a theme rather than buying actual themed desks, wardrobes and dressing tables. However, there are some absolutely wonderful children's beds in the shape of racing cars, palaces etc which are very hard to resist!

When it comes to desks for bedrooms, you would be wise to consider the specific uses before buying. Will it be mainly a computer and work desk? Or will it be more suitable as a dressing table style desk? If the former, then make sure that you check the measurements of the equipment that it will be used to house.

Be practical and try not to let the look of the desk be more important that the functionality. Your average teen would much rather have a desk that his computer, games console and printer will fit on than one which his Mum thinks is nice looking but not as practical.