Desks for small spaces can really help you out when you are living in a small room. Students are for instance prone to small rooms and therefore the perfect customer for desks for small spaces. But of course, as they don't have any money, there shouldn't be too much money in a working desk for the dorm room!

Desks for Small Spaces Requirements

Before we can look to working tables, we need to establish the requirements for the counter you are working on:

  • Enough room. Although the counter will be small, you still need enough room to work on. Let's say you want at least to have a computer standing on it, with still room for 2 to 3 books on it. As most of the people with a desk for a small space will use a laptop, the counter should be around 5 feet wide and 3 feet deep. Exactly enough room to work on, but not too much, so it won't stand in the way.
  • Durability. If you are looking for a simple, cheap desk you need to look for durability as well. There are a lot of antique desks, which are not too expensive, but they have been around for ages, so they are really durable! This shows how this can be possible and it shows the desk is even more awesome.
  • Stability. Your desk may be small, but it should be stable! We all experienced wobbly tables and your working desk cannot become one of them!

There are a bunch of clever ways to save up space with your desk. If you think of it they are all pretty logic. And if you don't wanna think about it, just think about what types of desks you see at friends, or at friends' parents.

Desk with Hutch: Save Space by Putting it Above You

Get a desk with hutch to save out space! A hutch is a set of shelves you can put on your actual desk. This will result in more room for storage and maybe even room for a computer monitor on one of the shelves. This will result in more working space on your desk. An example is shown below.

Desk with HutchCredit:

The example above is the Ameriwood Expert Plum Work Center with Hutch and the perfect example of a desk for small spaces. You have a lot of storage room without a lot of surface you need to take. If you live in a small room the desk with a hutch could solve the problem of 'where should I put my book shelves now', which leaves more room for the actual desks.

This counter is 5 feet wide and around 2 feet deep. The perfect size for a counter in a small room. Especially because of all the extra storage room you get with it.

L Shaped Desk: Your Perfect Corner Desk

If you want to take things really to the next level, you may want to check out a corner desk. Corners are almost not used in a room when you think of it. You either have something standing to one of the sides, but you don't take usage of the actual corner. With a l shaped desk you can use the corner ideal which saves space in other places!

L shaped desk: corner deskCredit:

The above picture shows perfect how efficient a corner desk can be. The above desk is the 'Target Marketing Systems Morgan Desk with Hutch' which is 3 by 3 feet, exactly the sizes we were going for. The best thing? It is not even a hundred bucks!

Computer Armoire: Classy and Timeless

These type of desks are already a little bit old. I remember having a friend who had such a desk, basically because his monitor was that big. But now with the flat screens you can save up even more space with the computer armoire. The computer is not obligatory, but the desk is designed for it. You don't have a real counter anymore, it is more a cabinet with your desk inside!

Computer ArmoireCredit:

The example above is the 2.5 feet by 1.7 feet. So it is actually really small! The perfect desk for small spaces. With this type of desk there are a couple of concerns though. For instance, where are you going to keep your legs? And this desk does not leave a lot of space for more storage, while the desks with hutch did that perfectly.


All of these desks can really help you save of space. Most of the times, when you think of a space to work on, you only think about a flat surface. Maybe this is because of all the executive desks you see on the television or even the modern glass desks. These look of course nice, but the functionality is not always the best. Saving space needs some smart solutions. And that is exactly what you are looking for in desks for small spaces!