In order to be successful in school, every student needs to own a desktop computer. Computers are practically mandatory in order to complete every assignment. In fact, most teachers only allow typed assignments instead of handwritten ones. Plus, computers make it easy to research essays and other written assignments. Also, many teachers put their syllabuses online, as well as put future assignments on the school website. This article will discuss best computers for students as well as where to find them. The computers we will talk about in this article will be perfect for any dorm room because of their small size.

While there may be many desktop computers out there to choose, not all of them are best suited for student. Plus, many of the newer, more expensive computers are overkill for most students. One computer that I recommend to many students who need one for typing assignments is the Compaq desktop. Owned by HP, Compaq is a very budget oriented computer brand. They are typically much cheaper than other computers, but still offer fast processors, large monitors, and plenty of RAM. They also have many entertainment options that are great for students, like built-in WebCams and DVD burners that are great for watching movies. When looking for a computer for a student, choose one with a dual core processor, at least 3 GB of RAM, and a hard drive with at least 250 GB. A 250 gigabyte hard drive is necessary for storing all the homework assignments, music, videos, and pictures that the student may need or use. For monitor size, choose a desktop with at least a 17 inch monitor. Personally, I would choose a computer with a 19 inch monitor. With a 19 inch monitor, you can watch movies and have plenty room for your applications like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

For Compaq Computer with all the features listed above, you only expect to pay about $400. To me, that price is very affordable for most people. Especially with this economy, the less expensive a computer is the better. If you don't have $400 to spend on the computer, there are many desktop financing plans available. Many of these monthly payment plans are accessible to people with bad credit, and people who can't afford a computer right now. There are many companies and banks willing to loan you the money you need. With computers being a necessity for school, having plenty of financing options available is very useful.