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If you want to purchase a Harley Davidson motorcycle and get one cheap then look for desperate Harley sales. Desperate Harley sales are when a person is in over their head with a payment plan for their Harley Davidson but need to get out from under the payment because of personal financial problems.

If you are willing to research and travel to pick up your Harley Davidson motorcycle then you can find a desperate Harley sale and pick up a used Harley Davidson for cheap. There are many ways to find people who need to sell their Harley Davidson motorcycles on the cheap.

Craigslist desperate Harley sales

Craigslist is one of the most popular and easiest ways to find desperate Harley sales. Check Phoenix first. Phoenix seems to be a hotbed for desperate Harley sales. Once you have checked Phoenix for desperate Harley sales then randomly check the rest of the Country.

When you find the right motorcycle at the right price contact the buyer. Verify that everything sounds legitimate and then fly out there to pick up your motorcycle. DO not send the seller any money. You can give the seller the money in person once you look over the bike. If you send any money without taking possession of the bike you may get scammed. In order to protect yourself you need to pay for it in person. This also gives you a chance to test ride the Harley Davidson motorcycle and make sure it is in good condition.

If you know somebody that lives near the area where the desperate Harley sale is listed you can send him or her over to check out the status of the motorcycle.

Facebook for Desperate Harley Sales

If you have the cash then you can list what you are looking for in the various fan pages for Harley Davidson motorcycles. A desperate Harley sale is when the seller will take much less than what the motorcycle is worth because he needs the cash fast. If you have the money in your pocket then you can negotiate a cheap price for his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Use FaceBook to get the word out that you are looking to buy a Harley Davidson at a great deal AND that you have cash in hand.

Motorcycle Forums for Desperate Harley Sales

Visiting and networking with people on the motorcycle forums are a great way to find a desperate Harley sale. The desperate Harley sale may not be listed directly on the forum but some of the active members on the forum will know of people locally or regionally in their area that are looking to sell their Harley Davidson motorcycle quickly.

Desperate Harley Sales

A desperate Harley sale is when a person HAS to sell their motorcycle extremely quickly. If they cannot afford the payments then they are faced with the option of losing a few thousand or losing everything including their credit score. In order to save their credit score from dropping they will be more apt to sell extremely low simply to get out from under the payments. This allows you as a buyer to purchase a use Harley Davidson at a huge discount.

Reselling Desperate Harley Sales

There are a people that specialize in researching and purchasing used Harley Davidson motorcycles all over the Country at steeply discounted rates. These buyers are not in a hurry to sell so they list the motorcycle they purchased at a retail rate and then when the bike sells they make a profit. While these people are waiting to sell the motorcycle at a much higher cost they are simultaneously scouring and researching to find more desperate Harley sales.

These people build a network of people that push leads their way when people need to sell their Harley Davidson motorcycle quickly. These people can easily clear $100,000 per year in profits once they get their network built up.

If buying desperate Harley sale motorcycles interest you then you can start off like many of these successful resellers do it. You save up so you can pay cash for one Harley Davidson motorcycle that is steeply discounted on a desperate Harley sale. You purchase the motorcycle and then resell it at a high profit. Getting a high profit off of a bike you bought from a desperate Harley sale is easy as long as you do not try to rush the resale of it. If you truly bought a desperate Harley sale motorcycle then you can easily resell it for a profit.

Once you sell it then you continue buying desperate Harley sale motorcycles and re-investing your money and profits into purchasing additional Harley Davidson motorcycles. After a few years of this you will have huge cash flow and be able to buy and sell multiple motorcycles each month.

The concept of buying desperate Harley sale motorcycles and reselling for a profit is similar to buying houses from people who are about to lose them to the bank because they are behind on their mortgage and then they resell these houses at a profit because they have the ability to wait for the right buyer to come along and purchase the item at a retail rate that is much higher than the discounted rated they purchased the items for.

Live your Dream With a desperate Harley Sale Purchase.

If you dream of owning a Harley Davidson then save up your money and buy one from a desperate Harley sale. You will save a lot of money off of buying one from a Harley Davidson Dealership. Many people dream of owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle and then purchase one from a dealership. Many of these people keep it for a year or two and rarely ride it. Trouble hits or the wife nags at them to sell it so they need to sell it quickly. You can capitalize by buying these low mileage Harleys Davidson motorcycles cheaply. If you buy a desperate Harley sale motorcycle that has low miles on it then you can almost be assured of making a profit but if you choose to keep and ride the motorcycle then you will have saved thousands of dollars off of what you would have paid for a similar model at the Harley Davidson dealer.