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Buy a Despicable Me Minion Toy - Jorge

The Despicable Me Minion toys which you'll find for sale at Amazon online have grown to be quite popular mainly because of the recently released animated movie called Despicable Me. You will discover several different types of toys and plushes which are available to order that link to this movie.

There are a range of Despicable Me Toys to choose from including the yellow minions Jorge, Stewart and Dave.

About The Movie
The movie was developed as a feature length animated movie with a lot of celebrities providing the voices for all of the different characters.

This movie is focused on a bad guy called Gru. He is known as the No2 super villain. The No1 super bad guy is known as Vector and this guy recently succeeded in executing a fantastic misdeed. This guy managed to steal the Pyramids in Egypt.

Gru has to show his own dastardly talents and he conjures up a scheme to accomplish the most significant theft ever by trying to take the moon. Gru has at his disposal an interesting group of charming shaped characters. They're generally known as his army of mini minions. They are all yellow in colour, oval shaped much like a capsule plus they are dressed in small blue dungarees and a pair of goggles.

Despite the fact that these little yellow-colored minions are are in fact the “bad guys” in the movie, the array of cuddly toys that are now available to order are so sweet and delightful that young children as well as older people are certain to want to get one.

At first glance a lot of these yellow minions might seem the same but once you start looking at where to buy a Despicable Minion toy you will soo realize that there are many individual figures that have their very own individual qualities.

Welcome To Despicable Me Minion Dave
The Despicable Me yellow minion Dave is supplied in two different sizes. You can get the six inch plush or perhaps the ten inch stuffed toy. The specific variation for this figure is the fact that he's got 2 eyes concealed under his goggles.

Welcome to Despicable Me Minion Stewart

The Despicable Me Minion Stewart is most likely the goofy minion within the bunch. Stewart is without a doubt immediately recognisable as this mini character has only one eyeball which is set in the center of his little face. Minion Stewart comes in the six inch version plus the ten inch larger scale minion toy.

Welcome To Despicable Me Jorge

The Despicable Me Jorge toy can also be bought in two different sizes. Choose a 10 inch deluxe toy alternatively opt for the six inch plush. How you are able to recognize Jorge is because he is the the cute minion who possesses a very big happy smile and he happily shows off his pearly whites.