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Awonderful city from every point of view.


The airfield doesn't accept big planes.

Full Review

For a modest city, Dessau has got a lot of action taking place, especially cultural episodes at the Dessau Theater. This is a city located in the eastern half of Germany, a stone's throw from Berlin (133 kilometers to the west of the capital), and it has a population of about 85,000. It was first seen in a written report in 1270, and from 1570 it became the regional capital of the Principality of Anhalt, maintaining this title until the 20th century.

Weather in Dessau is average for this latitude which places the town in the temperate-moderate climate, half the distance between the Equator and the North Pole. Temperatures differ from -20 degrees Celsius at night in January and 35 centigrade in the summer at high noon.

Dessau is also the "mother-town" of the renowned Bauhaus University. For those of you who don't know what Bauhaus is, I'll only tell you that it's an architectural current, which was born in the 1930s and has had a great influence in today's architecture on every corner of the world. It was a revolutionary way of creating buildings which surpassed and sent into the past the old, heavy, stone structures that were raised until that moment. Very spacious, using natural light more efficiently than the former building types – the Bauhaus was definitely the precursor of contemporary architecture.

In Dessau you'll see several structures made in Bauhaus style, and one of them is the Anhalt Theater, a place that is quite important to the city's denizens, as well as to the neighboring villages and towns. Everybody gathers here to admire the excellent concerts, plays, musical plays and even puppet shows. Every time it's teaming with spectators and you'll even find groups tourists that choose to go there, which may be surprising for some, but not for the inhabitants of Dessau. They are acquainted with the fact that this is an uncommon theater in this part Germany, and they don't see it as a strange thing when they see people from abroad traveling to Dessau to admire the spectacular theater shows.

The city was almost entirely razed by the allied air swipes in 1945, but after that it was rebuilt, and all the historic buildings were renovated. These days, Dessau is a mix of vintage buildings and castles with the relatively fresh Bauhaus structures. As another interesting fact, several buildings are integrated into the UNESCO World Heritage Project, and this is another reason why this town is worth seeing.

Another cool characteristic of Dessau is that it is the greenest city in the country, with many gardens and green alleys, making it great for reposing walks amongst splendid displays of nature. Visitors who decide they want Dessau as their travel destination for the holidays are rarely disappointed, because this is a really charming place, a town where you could loosen up and unwind with your family and mates and forget about the daily problems, at least for a few days. Also, Dessau offers excellent accommodation, and I'm talking about 4 star hotels that, even though they are not raised in Bauhaus style, they are sure to offer the best conditions for the duration of your stay.

In Closing

Visit the Dessau center and see what this city is all about!