Ah Desserts, What is not to like about a creamy sweet treat? the calories! I have to say there is nothing more enticing then a hot fudge sundae or a chocolate dipped macaroon after a stressful day. There is always a sudden burst of guilt right after indulging in all the decadent goodness of desserts, but hey life is short and you should live it up from time to time eh?

On one of my trips to Ventura, Ca. this year, I met a young lady who had an interesting take on the dessert cliche. We had met at an upscale resteraunt overlooking the bay, she was sipping on a Gin and Tonic while I indulged in my sugar laden Margarita. It turns out that she was a well known Pastry Chef in San Fransisco and was visiting Ventura for a wedding. We conversed about all the usual topics, what universities we had both attended, family, dreams and aspirations and... Desserts!

I feel that it was destiny that I had met this woman, who would ultimately change my view of these sweet sugary treats. We begin discussing her bakery that she had back home in San Francisco, The way she described it I could already smell the cinnamon goodness of fresh baked cinnamon rolls with raspberry almond frosting, gooey and warm. I salivated over the pecan pie with caramel clusters and the creme brule with fresh peaches and whipped cream.

I asked her, how do you remain composed and not self indulge in all these heaven sent no no's? She responded by ordering two slices of peach cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream. I looked at her very puzzled and asked "wouldn't you like to eat dinner first?" She responded with the most intellectual response, she said "life is only sweet if you eat your pie first!"

Now, this took me a moment to understand but then it made complete sense. If you know that you can not say no to that hot fudge sundae or chocolate dipped macaroon after dinner or after your stressful day. Indulge in the goodness that makes life sweet, just do it before dinner!