Desserts come both in unique and traditional types.

Below are some great dessert ideas, first traditional and then non traditional for special occasions. Whichever type of dessert type you choose, you should also consider including a separate tray or table with products like ice cream, pie and of course, cake. As a unique way to change up the traditional wedding cake as an example, some couples have opted to create a tower of cupcakes. This eliminates the messy cake cutting and uneven slices but also keeps it elegant. Another great dessert idea is to add a chocolate fondue fountain on the table. You can have your guests dip and coat fruits, cookies and candies to sooth their sweet tooth.

For those ladies and event planners who love to personalize things, cookies with messages can be a fun and tasty dessert as well. Include the date or names on the cookie, or even individually wrap them in personalized bags and ribbons. If you want to go with more of a chocolate dessert, why not incorporate an entire chocolate bar? You could include many different types of chocolate like, dark, white, and bitter. Incorporating an ethnic dessert may also be a unique was to sweeten up your dessert table. For the unique soul, nostalgia type treats may be an affordable and easy way to set up your dessert table. For example, setting up a 50's style treat table complete with rice crispy treats, hostess cakes, s'mores, and Twinkies!

If you aren't opposed to the cake dessert, why not even have an individual cake for each table! It can be a great way to be assured each guest gets a slice, and would even work if you had any guests with food allergies you needed to adjust the cake to accommodate. When picking out a dessert for a special occasion such as a wedding dessert don't feel pressured to go with the same 'ol thing people have been doing for years. While wedding cakes have always been the leading wedding desert to choose, you may be able to keep that aspect as well as a more nontraditional version as well. If you are using an event planner, be sure to let them know your criteria for the dessert discussion.