You must touch the Earth, to let it touch you

Touched by the Earth

An American Indian and his bow
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The Great Spirit wanted the American Indian to live through their living with the spirit of the Land right alongside of them. The American Indian was not interested in being "civilised" by the White man. 

Why are, or more have, the Earth cultures of the American Indians and Aboriginals being, or more been destroyed, and the Earth is being heavily exploited by civilisation today, rather than its being honoured, and respected, as these ancients cultures used to do?

The heaviness of the density of the thinking of modern man weighs down on his heart, squashing it, whereas the past incarnations of man in these other cultures were not burdened or held down or back by such heavy thinking, at the expense of their seeing with their heart.

As a result of this new way of living, thinking, and being, they now miss seeing the soul of the planet that they live on.

This is because they are continually blanketing this soul out, by destroying many aspects of its livingness, as it's so richly displayed in variation, which is being rapidly lost at the cost of civilisation tumbling back again to nothingness again again, perhaps very soon, in their near future.

The Indian saw their land as being sacred. You could not put a price on this sacredness. You could not buy land. They did not want to "own" land either, in the sense of erecting fences around "your" land and stopping other people thereby from accessing and using it too.

The land was there to benefit everyone.

Why it was their karma to become spiritually impoverished, and to lose their power by being forced to live like the whites did in reservations, rather than on their sacred mountains, as they always had done before the white man came along?

The love of the outdoor, the freedom of their mixing with the Earth's elements everyday kept them in touch with the inner spirit of the Earth, and which they knew was linked to the greater spirit of the great spirit, that they also knew was in control of everything else.

Restricted and muzzled by the whites, they simply wanted to move on, and to join with the great spirit in the other worlds again, rather than be forced to live without connection to its mentor the Earth's spirit, here on that same Earth.