Angular cheilitis (also called perleche and angular stomatitis) is where one or both lip corners of a person’s mouth are inflamed and tender from a bacterial and fungus presence.  This short article will go over what angular cheilitis is and how you can recognize and treat it.

First off, most people are not familiar with angular cheilitis and therefore may not know when they have it.  Since the initial symptoms of perleche are similar to the symptoms of chapped lips, many people will just assume that their lips are chapped.  There are a few differences though between chapped lips and angular stomatitis.  While chapped lips will simply just cause your lips to be dried out, angular cheilitis will actually only affect the outside corners of your mouth.  Those areas will look chapped and will become sensitive with a red rash/welt around the corners of the lips.

The next stage of angular cheilitis is when people most commonly notice that something is wrong with their lips.  At this sate the corners of their mouth become more sensitive and begin to from welts and may scab over.  Normally when this happens people will start to apply ointments such as Neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment to their lips in hopes of healing the chapped lips corners.

The last and final stage of angular cheilitis is when the welts on the corners of your mouth split and become open wounds.  This is very painful and frustrating as it seems as if nothing you do will heal the split lip corners.

Normally it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for your angular cheilitis to go away on its own without applying any over the counter medicine or using any type of natural remedies.  What works the best (and easiest) to get rid of you cracked lips corners is to kill the bacteria first, this way you can let your lips heal naturally.  The best way to do this is to either go swimming in a salt water pool or in the ocean.  The salt water will cleanse the area as well as kill all the bacteria and fungus which is preventing your mouth from healing.  The salt water will also help promote the healing process.

Hopefully this short article will have given you the information you need to combat the angular cheilitis issues you may be having.  Remember, the key in defeating angular cheilitis is making sure you get rid of the bacteria first.