If you decide to add draperies to enhance the look of your window, you will definitely need to have sturdy drapery rods. These rods will be responsible for holding the curtains that you will be hanging on your home window. There are different types of curtain rods to choose from, which include the wrought iron rods, wood rods, decorative rods and standard rods. But no matter what type of rod you have, it is extremely important that you know how to properly mount them. Although the installation is quite an unequivocal task, you can still benefit from another helping hand.

To commence the installation you have to prepare the following materials: pencil, brackets, anchors, drills, screws, carpenter's ruler, ladder, and screwdriver set. First thing to do is to determine whether you want to mount the rods inside or outside the window casing. If you prefer to conceal the edges of the window curtains, it is better to mount the rod above the window frame.

Hold the rod on the exact height and location where you plan to mount it. With the use of a pencil, mark the two ends of the rod where the brackets will be placed. It is advised to settle the rod at least three to six inches away from the window's edge, or depending on your personal preference. Use the carpenter's ruler to get accurate measurements to ensure that the brackets will be perfectly aligned.

Next, begin drilling holes on both sides of the window by utilizing the bracket holes as the marker. Select a drill bit that is much smaller than the anchor's diameter, and then, use the hammer to securely tap the anchor unto the wall. After which, you may now install the brackets over the wall anchors. With the aid of the screwdriver, securely tighten screws on the brackets.

When the brackets have been tightly secured, clip the rod into place by hooking one side at a time. Hang the rod at the top and gently push each side to the lower hooks in order to lock them in place. Get the carpenter's ruler and place it over the rod to ensure that the brackets are equally mounted on both sides. After ensuring that the brackets are evenly placed, remove the rod again so you can mount the center support. Find the center of the two brackets with the help of the ruler and then mark it with the pencil. Again, drill the holes for the center support. Then, place the anchors and brackets. Make sure that the center bracket is aligned with the two end brackets. Secure the center bracket with screws and tighten them with the screwdriver.

Insert the curtain onto the rod before placing it to the wall brackets. Mount it properly and style the drapery as you like. You can also include other accessories like the curtain rings, tie back, and many others. Thanks to the different types of curtain rods, you can now have a more visually appealing, and inviting living space for your family!