Detection and management approaches to conquer diabetes become necessary when it is known that some victims of diabetes are unable to know that they are diabetic. In addition to the inability to detect their diabetes status, is the need to conquer the disease.

Diabetes mellitus is a disease which occur in an individual due to the inability of his or her body to make use of sugar, due to insulin deficiency. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and is essential for the breakdown of carbohydrates or sugar. For energy to be produced, insulin is responsible for speeding the uptake of sugar into the cells.

When insulin is lacking in an individual's blood, diabetes mellitus occurs, in which case the blood sugar level is very high or in excess. The excess sugar is removed through the kidney and passed out in urine. As such, the presence of sugar in the blood or urine is an indication that one has diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes can result in very serious complication, but with early detection and management approaches, the ailment can be conquered and controlled. If diabetes mellitus is conquered and controlled, victims can live normal lives.

The root cause of diabetes is yet unknown, but there are predisposing factors that may play a role in developing diabetes. The main factors are hereditary, while others include excessive weight gain or obesity, stress, side effects of certain drugs, and lack of exercise.

Detection of the disease condition takes place through common signs and symptoms. As such, the common signs and symptom of diabetes mellitus include,

i. Frequent urination

ii. Excessive thirst for water or fluids

iii. Drinking of large quantities of water, which can be emptied within a short time.

iv. Sexual weakness

v. Recurrent abortions

vi. Still births

vii. Delivery of bigger than expected babies

viii. Frequent occurrence of boils, pains, numbness, and burning or tingling sensation at limbs

ix. Blurred vision

x. Foot ulcers that refuse to heal with treatment

When diabetes is detected, common observable complications include, glaucoma, cataract formation, still births, failed marriages, neonatal deaths, and congenital defects.

Detection of diabetes, leads to the use of management approaches to conquer and control the disease condition. Top five common management approaches to conquer diabetes include,

i. Eating balanced Diets

The importance of consuming balanced diets cannot be overemphasized, when it comes to management of diabetes. Foods from meat group, milk group, cereals, bread, fruits, and vegetables, should be eaten. Avoid refined or white sugar.

Eat less fat and cholesterol. Do this by decreasing the intake of red meat, fatty foods, eggs, and cheese. But eat more of fish.

ii. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Smoking

These are harmful to the body, as they try to distort the body's normal functioning.

iii. Lose Some Weight or Add Some Weight

If one is overweight, it is advisable to shed some weight. This can be done by reducing the quantity of food consumed by half or by consuming fewer calories. For the underweight, it is advisable to add some weight, by eating diets containing enough calories with minimum sugar, to help build up body mass. With this approach, a normal weight can be maintained, which is reasonable.

iv. Undertake Regular Exercise

Schedule a regular program of exercise, to help burn down sugar and control diabetes. Exercise should be done on daily basis, to be able to reap its benefits. Exercises to perform include running, walking, stretching your body, swimming, etc.

v. Get Artificially Administered Insulin Through a Doctor

Your type or dosage of insulin should be determined by your doctor, to avoid over-utilization or under-utilization, which may accompany self medication.

With the above detection and management approaches to conquer diabetes, be rest assured that diabetes shall be controlled.

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