How Do Detox Foot Patches Work?

Unknown till just a few years ago, detox foot patches have became a popular cleansing method. However the question has always been, what are they and do they work?

Detox foot pads are rectangular patches that are adhered to the bottoms of your feet. The speculation is that should you wear them all day, by morning toxins have been drawn out of your body now sit on the pad. The companies make the claim that the pads react to reflexology points which can be found within the soles of your feet. The pads are black after a single use which is seen as an indication of effective detoxification.

Critics have said that the sticky black residue that is on the pads after a full night of wear is a result of sweat from your feet mixing with an ingredient on the pad. Others love them and swear by their effectiveness. They are also incredibly common in most Asian countries.

Because of the detoxification process, these pads are said to improve our well being and enhance stamina. It's a great thought that toxins will be drawn from our systems so incredibly easily. We are always battling the onslaught of toxins which are present in our environment wherever we go. One of our bodies main functions is to break down these toxins so that they can be removed. This is one of the things that helps keep us healthy.

Processes such as sweating, defecation and exhalation are the functions that our our bodies carry out routinely to remove these toxins. Is it possible that these detox foot pads can help?

Cleansing detox foot pads are not considered dangerous. They are made entirely from natural ingredients. They are completely exterior which means that nothing is taken internally(by mouth) and not one of the ingredients ever make it into bloodstream. They ingredients only ever stay on the skin.

The pads are also very easy to use. You simple lay them over the arch on the underside of your foot before you go to bed. You must keep them on all night whilst you sleep. Gently remove them once you wake up and, if you want, have a look at what is on the pad. Then, just throw the pads away.

I've personally not tried these detox foot pads. But as an outsider I can say for sure that they are harmless, easy to use and inexpensive. If you are inclined to give them a try and you feel great afterwards then thats wonderful! You do not have anything to lose by trying detox foot pads, however many people still wonder if they work. This is a very legitimate question that could use answering.

So Do Detox Foot Patches Work?

All people wish to have good health and often do what needs to be done in order to improve their health. Daily exercise by far is one of the best remedies for living a healthy life, but generally we have to complement exercise with different products that may increase results in a shorter amount of time.

Toxins are definitely a nuisance to our bodies – especially the ones that get into our bodies because of what we eat. To eliminate these toxins, a detox patch stands out as the answer to many people. The detox foot patch is said to take the toxins out of our body easily while we sleep. It really is no wonder why so many people are so interested in them.

They are said to be created inn accordance with Chinese medical knowledge. They say our human body has over 360 acupuncture points, with more than 60 acupuncture points found just on the soles of our feet. Generally identified as the "second heart", they are the reflective zones of our inner organs, they're also the homes of toxins. When the blood circulates to the soles of our feet, the Foot Patch absorbs toxins which are said to come out of the acupuncture points.

Circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids are at their furthest point in the soles of the feet before being returned into the upper parts of the body. Unfortunately at this point in our society, too much of our time is spent pursuing activities which hurt our bodies. This will lead to circulatory dysfunction and can inhibited the stream of the lymphatic fluids within the body (the lymphatic system in fact has no pumping organ like the circulatory system, and depends upon movement and bodily activity to precipitate fluid movement). They eventually begin to pool within the ankles and lower legs because of gravity. The feet are known as the 'mirror of the body'.

Heavy metal & chemical compounds within the human body can make it hard to soak up important minerals and vitamins in our food that our our bodies need. These blockages might eventually lead digestive issues, parasites, and allergic reactions. One way we have come up with to help with dealing with the prevalence of heavy metals inside of the body is to pull heavy metal and toxins out of the body by using external means, which is essentially where the detox foot patch comes into play. It has been called efficient in helping the body draw heavy metals through the pores of the skin, and then binding them to the patch.

The Detox Patch helps to:

1. Soak up toxins which are inside of the body.

2. Alleviate minor aches within the body.

3. Assist the Immune System.

4. Help cleanse the Lymphatic System.

5. Assist normal blood circulation.

6. Reduce swelling in the body.

7. Improve quality of sleep.

8. Promote health and wellness

Manufacturers of the detox foot patch declare that the ingredients used in their detox foot patches are one hundred percent natural.

Alternatively, these detox foot patches can be found in packages of thirty. It should be worn once a day while you sleep. Therefore, a single box comes out to a months supply.

Hence, with these wonderful, wonderful patches, now you can easily increase your health and drop pounds, but the best news of all is that these detox patches are inexpensive.