What is detox for alcohol? The answer to this is going to be different depending on your level of alcohol abuse. For instance if you are long-term alcoholic then detox for alcohol will involve some severe withdrawal symptoms. This would also depend on the level of alcohol abuse, the age of the alcoholic, the physical fitness of the alcoholic, and other such factors. If you are only trying to detox because you have been drinking too much lately, but don't see yourself as having an overall long-term drinking problem, then home detox for alcohol would probably suit you best and will more than likely have very few bad side effects.

Detox for alcohol at home can be achieved a very short space of time. This should only be attempted if you are feeling ill because of over consumption of alcohol. The process of detoxification for alcohol is simply helping the body to remove the harmful chemicals and by-products that have become established because of alcohol consumption. Of course the detox effects are going to be very different for each person. So, for home detox for alcohol, I'm going make the presumption that the person who is attempting it is only suffering from mild alcohol related problems. Maybe the person has been drinking too much lately, or maybe they have been to a couple of parties and are feeling the effects, or they have just come back from a holiday where too much alcohol has been consumed, either way this person will most likely not require hospitalization or medical detox for alcohol of any kind.

The first thing that I would recommend is to drink as much clean fresh water as you can. This is because alcohol is known to be a diuretic. The main reason why people feel hangover symptoms is because they are completely dehydrated. The dehydration causes your major organs to shrink, including the brain. Most of us know what it feels like to have one of those hangovers. So, rehydration is very important. The next thing you can do is to make sure that you eat a diet which is high in fiber, includes plenty of the essential vitamins and minerals, and avoids high-fat meats. It's as simple as that. One more thing, and I know this is going to sound very obvious, is that you cannot drink any alcohol. Some people think that it's okay to drink the odd glass of wine whilst they are detoxing from alcohol. This is a huge no-no.

The person who is attempting to detox for alcoholism, the long-term alcoholics that is, really need to have medical intervention in order that they can be successful. There is also a very high risk of mortality for some alcoholics. For this reason, medical detox for alcohol is essential. In any case, you should always seek the advice of your physician before you attempt any detox for alcohol.