Detox for a Longer and Healthier Life

Fasting is a practice that has been around us for centuries; in fact, there are many references to the discipline of fasting in the Bible; however, either as part of a ritual of religious purification or as a therapeutic therapy of natural healing; the gift of giving our organism a well deserved break of the toxic food we eat on a daily basis, as well as the pollution and other contaminants in our environment is one of the most worthwhile thing we can do in the search of a long and healthy life.


One of the reasons why detoxification is one of the most important keys to achieve longevity is because it helps to eliminate the toxins and other chemical materials from our body; in fact, regular practice of this discipline will contribute to fight the substance of old age, and in some cases, the cause of premature ageing. Detoxifying your body will assist you to fight stress, oxidation and inflammation: the main components of why you get older and develop diseases.


For the last few decades, a lot of has been written about the many benefits of detoxification; and although many experts argue that the term is only used as a commercial concept for selling laxatives and diuretics; others dispute that the process of detoxifying your organism have long term benefits to our well-being as it increases our longevity. While it is true that there is not a scientific test that can generate the amount of toxins excreted from our organism; it is well-known that our body and mind are daily assaulted with the toxins that we breathe, the ones that we drink with the water we consume, medicaments, hormones, chemicals in our food and soil, steroids and other minor incidents of toxins that we experiment throughout our life. The minimum we can do is to go though a healthy and well-balance detox program to help our body and mind to cope with this continuous damage; otherwise the result would be premature ageing and diseases.


The perfect program for a Detox process in order to increase Longevity should be: