The liver is an amazing organ that removes toxins from your body. It cleanses blood removing harmful bacteria and breaks down harmful substances from pollution, improper diet, and alcohol consumption. In addition, it produces enzymes our body needs to absorb fat soluble nutrients like vitamins.

Many experts agree that keeping your liver healthy can improve all body functions. But how can you detoxify your liver? It's not as complicated as you might imagine.

The first and primary way to detoxify your liver is by changing your diet from processed to raw foods. The second is by adding traditional herbs to your foods. The third is a regular exercise program which stimulates all of your organs, including your liver.

Our diets these days are filled with processed foods that have artificial colors and flavor enhancers. While they are convenient and tasty, they are doing a lot of damage to our bodies including making us feel sluggish and lowering our ability to fight disease.

This is especially true for the liver because the overload of foods filled with fat and sugar is compounded by environmental factors like pollution. By eating foods that are high in antioxidants, you help your liver eliminate the toxins more quickly.

Raw vegetables like broccoli and cabbage help the liver to produce enzymes for detoxification. Apples remove heavy metals from your intestines before they put a strain on your liver. Whole grains contain B vitamins that not only improve liver function, but also help metabolize fats.

Many traditional herbs can be added to what we eat either in powder form or as herbal teas that aid our liver functions.

The common dandelion is very safe and also inexpensive. The flowers are good, but the root is the most beneficial part of the plant. Milk thistle, an ancient remedy, helps repair liver cells and attaches to them to help keep toxins from entering these cells.

Licorice is another herb that has been used for centuries. In addition to improving liver function, it is helpful to many other organs of the body by improving immunity. Exercise is one of the most important steps to detoxify your liver. It prevents fatty liver disease that affects up to 50 percent of the US population.

This exercise does not have to be strenuous to be of benefit. A 30 minute walk, low impact aerobics, or yoga will help your liver as long as the exercise is done regularly. Physical activity stimulates all organs, not just the liver, and the resulting increase in blood circulation helps your liver speed up the process of elimination waste from your blood.

Detoxifying your liver is a way to improve your overall health and gives you more energy. By improving your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains you put less strain on your liver and repair damaged cells.

Drinking herbal teas and adding herbs to other dishes help improve your liver functions and immunity response. A regular exercise program stimulates all your organs, including your liver, and speeds up the process of removing toxins from your body.

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