Detox Diet Program for Weight Loss

Detoxing Your Body-Best Cleanse for Weight Loss

Have you ever had to put your jeans back in the closet because you feel bloated? Or you feel tired all the time or live with excessive menstrual pains? It's time you detoxify your body. You really are what you eat.  If you hardly manage a decent meal all day and live mainly on coffee, bottled fruit drinks and various snacks such as white bread, sausages or processed foods instead, how do you expect to feel?

That’s why it’s important to take care of your health through a regular sessions of detox diet to remove toxins from your body. People usually associate detox with treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, but the term detox diet refers to a short-term diet, usually 3 to 21 days which is focused on getting rid of toxic substances from your body. Although our body organs such as liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and intestine work hard to eliminate these toxins every day but our unhealthy life without proper diet or exercise, prevent these organs from functioning at their best. Therefore, a detox diet program allows our bodies to focus on self-healing, with the aim to prevent irregular menstrual pains, remove bloating and constipation, cleanse our stomach, raise our energy levels eventually experiencing a weight loss, depending on the type of treatment you choose.

Bentonite Detox

Also refered to as clay colon cleanse. For a long time, you have suffered from constipation and gas problems. Simply, mix the bentonite clay with a husk called psyllium and take it for 21 days, to remove toxins from your body.

While colon cleansing to detox for weight loss, you should refrain from tea, milk, caffeine, meat and any dairy produce. You should drink three litres of water daily, eat only fresh fruits and vegetables. After 21 days, you do a liver detox to remove kidney and gall stones. The detox is not time-consuming because all you have to do is mix a spoonful of the clay solution with a spoonful of the husk in water or fresh juice (not bottled fruit drink) and take it first thing every morning. This colon cleanse can make a suitable home detox. Once you have completed the detox, reintroduce other foods in your diet, starting with soft fruit and soups.

Other than detoxifying your body, by consuming the mixture regularly, you may opt for a body mask. Besides helping you detox, these masks also help you lose excessive fluids thus helping you drop a few inches.

Body masks will also leave your skin silky smooth and completely refreshed. They are made from sea clay which acts as a huge detox element since clay draws out toxins, compressing the soft skin tissue which regain the skin's elasticity. The mask simply covers your body like the bentonite clay mask you would apply on your face. The body mask can enter the pores of your skin to reach the toxins in the body. Besides removing toxins in the body it also compacts fatty tissue and tightens the skin. With just a few hours under the body mask, you can enjoy a very effective and fast an inch weight loss. The good thing about the detox body mask is that once the toxins are flushed from the body, they will never come back unless you eat poorly. Also, you do not have to drink a lot of water during this treatment as the body mask does not dehydrate the body. However, not all people can use the detox mask. Pregnant women need to consult a doctor.

Juice Detox

Nature has truly given us all the natural remedies that we need, if we only cared to look around and appreciate the abundance!

If you are suffering from bloating, insomnia, weight gain, low concentration and moods, and gain weight. You should consider eliminating all solid food, dairy products, alcohol and animal protein, and replacing it with the juice of fruits and raw vegetables for a minimum of 21 days. The highly concentrated nutrients from the juice pass directly into the bloodstream, giving the digestive system a chance to rest and rebuilt itself. As the body replaces dying cells with healthy ones, excess fat cells and toxins are eliminated. Hence, you lose weight quickly and safely since the body is not starved of nutrition.

Each day you should begin with a master cleanse. It is a tall mug of filtered, spring or distilled hot water, the juice of half a lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper. It's then followed by a diuretic cleanse known as red juice. This red juice is a mixture of celery, carrots, beetroot and ginger. This cleans out the gall bladder and the kidney by making you urinate often. For lunch, consume the sweet fruit juice. For dinner, there is green juice, which is a mixture of vegetables, including spinach and asparagus and celery, among others. In between, you should drink herbal teas and an apple cider vinegar tonic. Towards the end of the detox, prepare your body to return to solid food by blending banana into the red juice and introducing light soups. When the detox diet is over, break your fast over a week with soup and blended soft food such as butternut squash, reintroducing meat last. This therapeutic value of juice diet also clears any recurring skin condition such as psoriasis and eczema.

Before choosing a detox diet program, consider these essential notes:

  1. Never undertake a detox diet on your own: always consult a professional who can guide you through it safely.
  2. Any detox that requires you to stay on a largely liquid diet for 3 weeks will take your body 21 days to recover from it. During this time make sure that you "wean" yourself back to solid food slowly, otherwise you might have an adverse reaction.
  3. If you would like to adopt a healthy lifestyle while you weigh your detox options, start by making sure you have three main meals and two snacks each day. Keep the meal portions small. Make sure you get five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Drink two to three liters of water and do about 30 minutes of activities related to the heart, five days a week.
  4. Toxins live in the lymphatic system, so detox programmes that come with a massage are a good option.
  5. Remember, everything even exercise in moderation allows you to live a balanced and healthy life.