The detractors of InfoBarrel who say that InfoBarrel is either a scam or simply too way low paying for them are many. They have some arguments that seem to make sense to some people. My purpose is not to try and persuade a person one way or the other. My purpose with this article is to simply add another article to my rapidly rising folio of InfoBarrel articles.

You can choose to write a lot or write for SEO purposes. You can also choose to do a combination of both. If you are like me then you will be building up a large number of articles On InfoBarrel. The more articles you have then the more money you can potentially make.

How much money can you make with say 5,000 articles? Let's take a figure of 20 cents per article. If you are earning only 20 cents per article on average each month then you will be earning around $1,000 per month. You will more than likely be earning $1,000 well before you hit 5,000 articles but you are practically guaranteed that amount each month once you get 5,000 articles.

Once you write 5,000 articles and publish them on InfoBarrel you will earn at least $1,000 per month even if you never write again. That means once you put in the initial work of writing upwards of 5,000 articles for InfoBarrel then you will earn $12,000 per year without ever lifting another finger. How flipping cool is that?

You may be thinking that 5,000 articles is either impossible or will take forever. If you can average 7 articles per day for two years then you will have over 5,000 articles. Two years of hard work will earn you at least $12,000 per year for the rest of your life!

Writing for InfoBarrel you will need to make a plan and then follow it. If you have a certain goal such as writing 1,500 articles or earning $500.00 per month then you can but you have to work at it. This is not rocket science. You simply type out articles and publish them on InfoBarrel. The more times you do this then the more money you make. If you can simply write 7 articles per day for two years then you will be richly rewarded for the rest of your life with all of the residual income you will be earning off of InfoBarrel. What would an extra $12,000 per year mean to you and your family?

If you can stay dedicated and motivated enough to reach a high number of articles then you will eventually be earning a lot more residual income off of InfoBarrel than most people think is possible. Am I trying to convince you to write for InfoBarrel or too write more for InfoBarrel? Nope, I do not care if you write for InfoBarrel. I hope you decide to write a lot of articles for InfoBarrel but regardless of what you do I WILL be writing a lot of articles for InfoBarrel.

Infobarrel is rapidly becoming a very visited website. The more articles you have then the more chances you have of earning money with InfoBarrel.